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  1. mkbnk

    Solved! This laptop or this? Help

    Hello, I’ve been watching millions of different reviews on YouTube and it’s came down to these two laptops I would really appreciate it if someone could help me pick or maybe even suggest something else that’s maybe better at same price. Here are the two laptops Eluktronics MAG-15 144hz 1080p...
  2. ConnorJ177

    Laptop Beeping and Fans on Max when startup

    Hey everyone! So I recently bought a new laptop. It can be found here ( http:// ) My questions relates to startup. Whenever I boot up, occasionally my laptop will make audibly loud beeping noises and the fans will run loud enough to be heard. This has been happening off and on. There seems...
  3. P

    Dell Inspiron 7559 or Eluktronics N151RD1?

    It is a hard decision for me to choose one (both for $799) *Dell Inspiron 7559* www.amzn.com/B015PYZ0J6 - i7 6700HQ - 960m 4GB - 8GB DDR3L - Hybrid Drive: 1GB TB + 8GB SDD - 6-Cell, 74WHr; 130W AC Adapter *Eluktronics N151RD1* www.amzn.com/B01N3Q6E0B - I5 6300HQ - 960m 2GB - 8GB DDR4 - 1GB TB...