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  1. ProblemMagnet2.0

    Question Iphone Audio Input and output

    1st problem--No Audio output from Iphone 6 speakers when i plug in a External Mic(lavalier) into the Iphone's headphone Jack. My iphone using the voice memos seems to receive the audio from the external mic but i dont hear audio from Iphone speakers when i replay that voice memo. why? ext.mic...
  2. A

    What is this CTIA tomfoolery, can't connect mic with a splitter?

    I miss those days when there was a seperate LINE-IN jack on laptops. 2 years back I bought a HP Envy laptop which comes with a CTIA type combo audio jack. I can't connect my Shure mic or my electric guitar to it in any way. I have to use a usb sound card for that purpose but its sound quality is...