Jun 24, 2019
1st problem--No Audio output from Iphone 6 speakers when i plug in a External Mic(lavalier) into the Iphone's headphone Jack. My iphone using the voice memos seems to receive the audio from the external mic but i dont hear audio from Iphone speakers when i replay that voice memo. why? ext.mic uses TRRS jack

2nd problem--although connecting a bluetooth headset allows me to hear audio coming from external mic, it resulted in another problem, my bluetooth headset has a built in mic which caused the iphone to disconnect the external mic connected in the headphone jack and switch to the my bluetooth headphone mic and use that built in mic when i try to record in voice memo. how do u make my iphone 6 ignore my bluetooth headphones mic and use my external mic thats connected in the phones jack while both my bluetooth headphone with a mic and External mic in headphone are connected at the same time?

additional info--by the way, my iphone 6 identify my external mic which is plugged into the headphone jack as headphone rather than microphone which might be the reason why theres no audio output from iphone speakers