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  1. G

    Question how to get a toshiba c55d-b5203 to connect to a external monitor with its main screen broke

    this is a absolute hail mary, but hopefully 🙏. i have a toshiba c55d-b5203 with a severely broken screen, that won’t connect to external monitor/tv. it honestly hasn’t been booted up in a few years so i don’t really know what it’s showing immediately but here i am again trying to bring it back...
  2. schlaufon

    How to see BIOS, as internal laptop (make HP dv3500 series) display broken, NO signal on external monitor while booting ?

    Hi everyone...:bounce: I am somewhat stranded, because I cannot find a solution for my problem :( Also I need to say that I went thru many 'help desks and sites', yet I wasn't lucky yet. Here we go: Subject: How to enter BIOS, as my internal Laptop display is broken and external monitor gets...