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  1. FrostBite-X Mritz

    Any way to boot by disabling CSM and enabling Fast Boot & Secure Boot after installing Windows on a new drive on ASUS Laptop?

    So I was constantly running into BSODs when I used to run my ASUS X556UF on Windows 10 on its factory-shipped 5400RPM HDD (Seagate Momentus 1TB). I decided to do a SSD-upgrade. Chose a Samsung EVO 250GB. Till date, no BSODs :D However; I had to install Windows and also booting now by disabling...
  2. G

    Asus K55A - No BIOS after enabling Fast-boot and dual-boot (Hackintosh)

    Hello, I'm having a big problem here. I was installing OS X Yosemite on my Asus K55A (using Clover EFI) and then once it installed, I enabled Fast Boot and disabled Launch CSM. Now, when I try to boot I hear the POST noises, the lights are on (the HDD light turns on for about 2 seconds) except...