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  1. D

    Question Please tell me Which one laptop is better to buy

    Hello i want to order laptop but my budget is low about $200 so i want to order refurbished laptop i find a few laptop in this range price but don't know which one is better for example below list lenovo t430 lenovo x230 dell e7250 and your advice model please? i want fast laptop some time...
  2. king-slim

    Question Audio playback is too fast - Windows 10

    I recently had to reinstall Windows 10 on my ASUS Transformer T100TA after a blue screen failure. However once it was installed I found that I had no sound, which also stopped video content and websites like YouTube from playing their content. After several days of searching for drivers and...
  3. V

    Laptop boots slow.i need fix asap please

    It says dell and it usually takes it takes over 50secs and it doesnt boot into the OS.
  4. T

    How to Increase videoram

    When i go to control panel...i see that i have a nvidia GTX750 ti it says i CAN have 4G but it only uses 2G how can i increase this? picture: (sorry this is in dutch)
  5. J

    Best Laptop for photographer/Videographer?

    Hi I'm someone who uses Lightroom//Photoshop//InDesign//After Effects very often; I'm also quite fond of running one or two at the same time. Along with this I usually have my scanner//external hard drive hooked up and running. Just looking for a laptop with great specs and good screen that...
  6. L

    Need help with studies/work laptop suggestions

    Hi! I'm trying to help my girlfriend get the best laptop possible to finish her studies and work. I'm aiming for the best possible hardware taking into account it will not be used for gaming, so no dedicated graphics are needed. I guess an i7 and 8gb of RAM would be the sweet spot, since she's...
  7. V

    My loptop wont turn on

    I pressed the power botton ■ then about a minute then turns off it started about 14-16 hours ago HELP Just incase it is a vaio loptop I NEED HELP ASAP
  8. C

    Asus X55V Problem Help fast

    So , i have a Asus X55V with windows 7. The Unit keept bluescreening so i reinstalled window 7 ultimate from a USB stick.All went fine ,i got to the part where it prepared for the first boot,then the unit stopped and it won't turn on,no lights, no power . Can you help please.Thanks
  9. A

    Ultrabook decision. Please help me.

    Hi all, I'm new here but I've been having a dilemma for the past few weeks; which is deciding on an ultrabook to get. I need it for work and word processing mainly and I have a few options at the moment but am very open to suggestions. Before I say my current options I'll list the kind of...
  10. N

    Best Laptop Available for these specs?

    I need a laptop for university and need these specs: ■Touchscreen ■Windows 8 ■14" to 15.6" screen size ■i5, i7, A8, or A10 ■Backlit keyboard ■No SSD's (I heard they break down quickly) ■5+ hours of battery life ■Atleast 500 GB HDD ■Atleast 6 GB RAM ■Dual or Quad processor ■Should be able to...
  11. G

    Fast Gaming Laptop Low Budget

    I want a really fast gaming laptop for under or around £600. I'm hopefully getting one for my birthday but I'd like to see what the best choices would be. I will be using it as a gaming laptop so it has to be fast with good graphics etc. (I don't know anything about laptops.) I will be playing...