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    I got CSGO on my laptop and now it makes a loud feedback noise

    I got Counter Strike Global Offensive on my laptop, and as soon as it started running this very high pitched deafening sound started coming from my mic. I cannot seem to fix it.
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    Looking for a way to have microphone automatically play through headphone speakers without delay

    I had headphones for my xbox that would automatically feedback the microphone into the headset so when you were talking you could hear yourself speak, like you do when not wearing headphones. My headphones dont do this and I have "listen to this device" checked for my microphone but the delay...
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    G35 static feedback

    Hello all, I purchased a set of Logitech G35 headphones today. The audio is pretty good, but no matter which USB port I plug them into, there is static glitches/feedback/blips every couple of seconds. My old Razer Kraken Pro's never really did it. They would once in a while, but not very...