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    FiiO E10K Olympus2 for DT880

    I need a second opinion on the capabilities of the E10K. I have a pair of 250Ohm DT880s, and of course the problem is that the E10K is rated up to 150Ohm. Some people seem to think it will drive my cans no problem, but I really want to be sure. My Realtek ALC889A has trouble when it comes to...
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    Separating Headset Cable

    I have a Sennheiser PC151 headset, and a FiiO E10 Olympus dac. I use both the headset and the microphone on the headset, but the problem is I'd like to have the E10 in front of me, on the desk where I can easily adjust it, but in order to do that, I can't have the microphone plugged in because...