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    Windows 10 File Explorer not closing

    While I was using file explorer I was editing photos on it. After I was done editing I wanted to close the tab but it wasn't working. i tried right clicking the app on the taskbar and clicked close window but nothing worked. In fact I couldn't do any action at all. So now the tab is stuck on my...
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    Windows 10 update and File Explorer hangs

    my windows 10 update seems stuck. have been using for months with no significant problem. also my file explorer started freezing up today.
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    File explorer crash on windows

    I upgraded to Windows 10 but once I did, I couldn't open file explorer. It crashed whenever I clicked on the icon. So I went back to 8.1 - decision was also based on the fact that I didn't realise you had to pay for Windows 10 after a year of having it. When I went back to Windows 8.1, the...