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  1. D

    Private File Server with static links.

    I'm almost done with one of my programs, but I realized when putting the update function in: "Since this is a paid program, sourceforge would make the updates public." And since this is a DOS program, ftp doesn't work (at least, not with wget). Also, when I upload the updates under "LATEST.ZIP"...
  2. C

    Batch Install Applications

    I need to deploy about 35 applicaiton setup files (.exe, .msi) from my local file server to a Windows computer with an new OS install (and will have to do this several times). Is there a way I can write a quick script to fire the install files one at a time until all done? I'll have to manually...
  3. F

    How to stream movies too my Apple TV 4?

    I have a very large collection of digital movies on my laptop (Windows 10) and I was wondering if I am able to let my Apple TV access this and just stream the movies to that? I have tried VLC player but I can only get that working between my iPad and iPhone where one acts as a host with the...
  4. S

    Recording live tv without tv tuner

    hi everyone I want to run some sort of DVR on my file server. but don't want a big coax cable running to my server is there anyway to record iptv (internet streamed) like BBC 1 etc What I would like to achieve is recording of main channels uk on a schedule and no big coax cable I want it wire...
  5. R

    HELP_RESTORE_FILES on my server

    I have a file server in my office that is used by around 150 people and several departments. At some point we were hit with a cryptolocker but the virus is not on the server. By my best guess it's on an infected laptop and miking it's rounds over the last few months because a small number of...
  6. S

    Need 2 Laptops - File Server and HTPC

    I'm looking for 2 separate notepooks, netbooks, etc. For a) file server, cloud server and b) receiver as an htpc. 1) I'm using PogoPlug devices to serve up about a dozen external harddrives. Pogoplug devices are too unstable with no explanation by the manufacturer. The laptop will be used...
  7. exfileme

    IE Flaw Turns Your PC into Public File Server

    A vulnerability found in Internet Explorer could expose your files to the Internet. IE Flaw Turns Your PC into Public File Server : Read more
  8. D

    Looking for an Atom Netbook with Gigabit ethernet

    Looking for an Atom Netbook with Gigabit ethernet. Does anyone make one? I want a tiny simple file server to run with USb drives from a netbook and be able to get the average 25MB/sec USB2.0 speed
  9. G

    Using WLAN as file server

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) I am setting up a wireless LAN with my iPAQ H5555 running "Windows Mobile 2003" connected to a PC running XP via a Microsoft MN-700 router. The primary purpose for the LAN is to let the large PC act as a file server for the iPAQ...