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    s9 screen lock

    I upgraded from the s7. I had fingerprint scanning on it for various apps, but did not have set to unlock my phone. Now, if I want to use fingerprint or iris scanning, I have to use it to unlock my phone. I don't want my phone to be locked, but I want to use these features. On the s7, I had...
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    Fingerprint reader not working

    I have a problem with my Lenovo B50-30 Touch with Windows 8.1 Pro. Every time I install the fingerprint reader for Windows 7 (because the one for Windows 8.1 does not seem to work), it says it couldn't detect the fingerprint sensor.What am I doing wrong here? Is there even a fingerprint sensor...
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    Dell Latitude E6400 - Fingerprint reader dead?

    Hi guys! I have a Dell Latitude E6400 laptop with a fingerprint reader, and after a long time, I've fount the correct drivers for Windows 8.1 X64 (in Device Manager it's shows up as ControlVault Device -> Dell ControlVault w/ Fingerprint Swipe Sensor), and I've installed DigitalPersona 6.2.1...
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    Fingerprint Scanner/Reader VULN? FIXED THREAD

    Hello tomshardware community! I am looking to buy a notebook but I realised it comes with a fingerprint reader, and so I´ve been thinking, the fingerprint you put must be stored somewhere in the filesystem (does anyone know where, anyway?) could someone hack the user, and get his/her...