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    Solved! Help killing advertising

    Hi, Could you guys take a look at the following (short) youtube clip. It shows the problem I am having on Windows 7. I have had this once before and a Java Update corrected it. The other day I was in Firefox and accidentally clicked on "Allow" this site access, to what, I honestly don't...
  2. G

    Solved! How to hook a panasonic sa-pt660 home theater to a 50 magnavox smart tv with amazon firebox tv

    I have a magnavox 50" smart tv, model# 50mv336x/f7. I dont use a cable box, but amazon firebox. I want to hook my old panasonic sa-pt660 home theater to it. Have tried the RCA jacks, but only get static and no yellow port on tv. Any help would be great, so I dont go buy a new theater setup
  3. A

    Solved! Redirect virus HELP

    Hello, Every time I clink on something I get a new tab opening an advertisement website, it’s annoying this issue has started 5 days back I am using AVG free antivirus and I ran a computer scan it says no viruses detected. Sometimes when I open the Browser after switching my PC on I get many...
  4. M

    Browsers infected with malware

    So out of nowhere my browsers became infected with custom search engine and reinstalled my browsers(chrome and mozilla) but nothing happened,not even windows defender didn't find anything.What can I do beside reinstalling windows?
  5. G

    Chrome.exe high network Usage

    My chrome has been using up to 100MB per minute of my network i was checking resource monitor and thi happens when i watch youtube videos (also happened with firefox) so far i think it used up 10GB in 2 days i need help fixing because i will soon pass my 250GB threshold comcast set up.... i...
  6. F

    very slow download speed on IDM/ on utorrent

    hello Community. if anyone have any solution for this issue kindly share it with us i been using the same laptop with the same internet speed/modem..ect but couple days ago i started to notice the download speed getting very low while skyping or watching on any online video player and...
  7. Z

    How can i connect my FireWire device to my Lenovo G570(Which doesn't have firewire inputs)

    Hi all, I've used PreSonus FireBox for several years now with my PC, and now I want to use it with my laptop for gigs and on-the-road DAWing ;) The problem is my laptop doesn't have any FireWire inputs in it, is there an adapter I can get or a PCMCIA card? how can I make sure it would fit both...
  8. Aiwin

    Diagnosis of Electrical Issue in Recording Electric Guitar

    I've concluded that my electric Ibanez RX 160 has an electrical problem. I would like to know if you all agree with this, or if you have suggestions for tests I haven't tried. The problem: when I run the guitar directly into my Presonus Firebox there is a persistent, loud hissing and crackling...
  9. A

    ie vs firefox vs chrome

    I use firefox, chrome and opera. I found firebox as the best and opera is also good, for me chrome is so-so browser, i don't like it much.
  10. G

    Software for watchguard firebox 1000

    Hello,where can i download software for the firebox 1000?