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  1. G

    How to download your photos from Flickr

    If you have more than 1,000 photos on Flickr, you could lose them by February. Here's how to download them for safe keeping. How to download your photos from Flickr : Read more
  2. N

    How to turn an Imgur or Flickr album into a VR Gallery

    As Virtual Reality technology becomes more popular, we can see more and more cool applications and websites based on VR. This guide will provide you a way to turn your Flickr or Imgur album into an immersive VR Gallery. To achieve this we are going to use a website application called...
  3. V

    Black horizontal lines appears while playing games on my new laptop

    Hi recently purchased Dell Inspiron 5459 laptop. Its installed with Amd Radeon m335 4Gb graphic card. When I play games on laptop, then after some time black lines starts coming on screen. I have updated all the drivers from dell website. Since problem was not solved so I downloaded latest...
  4. M

    Laptop acts like it's going to turn off for a split second.

    Hello, Sorry for the obscure looking title but I really have no better way of phrasing my issue. (I even created an account to post this so I could ask this) I have a "Dell Inspiron 14 5000 Series" Laptop with a Core i5 5200U, 8 GB of DDR3, and a new 500GB 2.5'' hard drive. My issue is that...
  5. S

    Creating folders within an album in Google Photos

    Hi, is it possible to create folder and sub-folders within an album in google photos? and also if you can invite people to add their own photos to the same album? if not, then what is the best service to do that. And which makes your collection of photos look nice when shared with someone, i.e...
  6. ForeverMore

    Flickr images not loading.

    For some reason Flickr images won't load no matter what I do. It's like that on my Win10/Win7 desktop PC (dual boot) and Win8 laptop. But at my friend's house the images loaded just fine when using my laptop. On my mom's old Win7 laptop though the images WILL load. Any idea what's wrong and how...
  7. sodapop707

    HP Envy Spectre cracked glass? Help!

    Just received my hp envy spectre 14 in the mail (refurbished). It looks great and feels solid, except i now have a crack under the track pad... does anyone know / have experience with this laptop or similar one? I am thinking that it is from picking it up on one corner while it is open and then...
  8. D

    What is Best Flickr Pics Organizer & Up-loader??

    I have all my Family Pics Archived on 12 Picasa accounts, but i now want Single account to backUp My Family Pics of last 15 years. So ill be Buying Flickr Pro to BackUp All my Family Pics from Picasa to Flickr Pro, But the Problem is Flickr is Not Easy to Organize Like Picasa Web & One More...
  9. G

    3D Model of Landmarks Built With Flickr Images

    Researchers have developed a way to build 3D images based on similar photos. 3D Model of Landmarks Built With Flickr Images : Read more
  10. JMcEntegart

    iPhone is Most Popular Camera on Flickr

    It seems most Flickr users aren't bothered with silly things like aperture, ISO settings, shutter speed or even zooming because the iPhone has nabbed the top spot on the list of most popular cameras on Flickr. iPhone is Most Popular Camera on Flickr : Read more
  11. G

    PBase and Flickr

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I noticed that many people on this NG use PBase to share photos. Flickr seems to have similar capabilities but there's no charge because of the Google ads - I guess. I didn't find the ads annoying. I'm looking for a good photo sharing site...