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    Is there a way to switch the primary and secondary functions of certain keys on my laptop keyboard?

    I have an MSI laptop (GS63 VR Stealth pro). Like with many laptops, there are some keys on the keyboard that share a button, and you can use the secondary key by holding the FN button. PAGE UP and HOME share the same key on this keyboard. The same is true for PAGE DOWN and END. I use HOME and...
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    Fn key will not work on Acer Aspire 5742z! with internal or external keyboard

    I have an Acer 5742z laptop with a perfectly functional keyboard, except that the Fn function key has stopped working. These are the steps I have tried: --Replaced the keyboard with a known good spare from my old 5742z. --Tried an external USB keyboard. --Tried the Windows On-Screen Keyboard...
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    Fn Key Sometimes Works, Sometimes Doesn't

    So normally, my Fn key works fine. Every now and then, however, usually after restarting or hibernating, it will stop working. Bizarrely, I will still be able to adjust the brightness using the Fn key, but the pop-up indicating the brightness will not show up like it's supposed to. If I restart...