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    G,H and many other Keys Won't Work

    So recently my laptop keyboard was working fine but then suddenly a couple of keys stopped working. The keys that stopped working was 5, 6, the - button, the + button, the ~ button, esc, all the f1-10(this could be false and the could just be the fn button), 8 and 0 on the numpad, ctrl, alt, the...
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    How to activate wireless connection without the F2+F3 button for Acer Aspire 5750Z

    i dunno what happen to my laptop inbuilt keyboard, whatever i do or whatever i press ,not a single key respond. I had even check trough online keyboard test at : http://www.keyboardtester.com/ and i found not a single respond not even ~ ,which i never used but in meantime i am using and old...
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    Sony Vaio SVE1511 no Fn function after new HD and Windows 7 install.

    After a HDD fail, I have put a new HDD into the machine and loaded Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Everything is working except the Fn modifier to the function keys. I have downloaded the drivers etc from the Sony website, but still no Fn key. I do have a process called HKcmd.exe but that is the...