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  1. qwpMrMarius

    Question Laptop severly underperforming

    I have had an ASUS Laptop since 2017 and recently it has been severely underperforming in doing simple tasks, such as browsing google chrome and playing several games ( League Of Legends, CS:GO ), where it has this problem of constantly freezing for an extended period of time, usually about...
  2. K

    Asus rog strix gl503vd random freezes and crashes

    Hey. Im experiencing problems while playing games on my new laptop. The game is running stable, on very nice fps, and yet every now and then i get a random freeze for like 2-5 seconds. It makes gaming unplayable. I play Rocket League, Cs go and LoL. In RL and Cs go the frame drops happens like...
  3. S

    Laptop stutter and fps drop.

    I have a Gigabyte P25 V2 laptop from around about ‎‎November ‎2014. When I run my computer (can vary from within 1 minute to 1 hour) on high intensity programs or games my computer starts to lose frames and starts stuttering in audio and in video. For example, when I play War Thunder I start...