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  1. C

    Question Computer crashes/freezes when playing games

    Hey there So my computer have been crashing for the past year when im playing games. That said, its not always it crashes. The odd thing is that it only happens sometimes and sometimes in periods too. So for example: League of legends. Here kept my computer crashing in-game maybe half a...
  2. Beary Rizal

    Question Laptop freezes at logo startup. I can barely use it now.

    Laptop model: ASUS X202E My laptop has been useless for almost a month now. I can barely use it as it only shows the logo then loading then freezes the only option to do is to restart it again and again and again it's getting frustrated. I tried cleaning the fan and applying thermal paste but...
  3. sm23

    Question predator hellios 300 freezes weirdly

    Hello guys..! 3 days ago, i bought a acer predator hellios 300 ph315-52 (2019 blue colour) core i5 9th gen, 1660ti 6gb ,16 gb ram , 1tb hdd, 256gb ssd. when i use wifi and leave my laptop ideal for more than 3 minutes it freezes (does not responds, screen is on everything else is just fine, it...
  4. K

    Lenovo laptop freezes and produces buzzing noise!

    I was watching a video on my laptop (not on the internet) when it suddenly froze and started making annoying buzzing noise! It's been frozen and noisy for almost 2 hrs now and it's still not stopping. I wanted to shut it down/ restart it but keyboard is useless it wont work, the screen is also...
  5. T

    Laptop freezes at lockscreen

    Laptop running on windows 10 keeps freezing at lockscreen. I put in my password and press enter and it freezes at welcome screen too. Trying to get to safe mode by pressing shift+ restart and it freezes at please wait screen. I’ve held down power button restarted it like 10 times Too and that...