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    Which one should I buy?

    Which one should I buy? Asus G751JY or Acer Predator 15?(mainly gaming performance) Please give me some valid reasons and points? I also use it for rendering with 3D Max (architecture)
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    Overclocking the GTX 980m?

    I have the Asus G751JY 980m, G-sync version. I was just wondering if I would be able to overclock this laptops gpu by 10% or 5% safely? Is it possible? And how? I do understand this laptop has excellent cooling but I am also concerned for the safety of the laptop, Thanks!
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    ASUS ROG G751JY or Alienware 17 R2

    Hey guys, I'm a PC gamer and I have a pretty powerful rig. Unfortunately work requires me to travel a lot and I can't bring my rig with me (sad face) so I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop. I'm just stuck between these two and hope you could give me some insight as to which you would choose...