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  1. C

    Buying a new laptop - help please!

    I posted here recently about a specific laptop, but I'm having second thoughts and want to ask the community for advice. I've built a desktop but haven't bought a laptop in years, so I have no clue what the best option would be (not sure how laptop i7s compare to desktop etc). Cue the long form...
  2. C

    Which Programming Language Should I Learn First As A Beginner

    First of all I don't know is this the right section to talk so if its wrong please excuse me.:hum: So the question is,I'd like to be a Web Developer & I like the game development as well.Lets say its just a side quest.So as a beginner which programming language should I learn first?■ Python...
  3. darthdeus

    Looking for a game development laptop with a dedicated NVIDIA GPU

    1. What is your budget? If at all possible under $2000. The absolute maximum I'd say is about $2100. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? I'd prefer 13" to 14". The absolute maximum I'd go for is 15.6". 3. What screen resolution do you want? At least 1400x900, which...