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  1. H

    Solved! Dual USB Charger/Data Cable

    Hi everybody, I play a lot on my phone with a USB wired gamepad using a Type-C to microusb cable, the problem is that my phone discharges pretty fast because is powering the gamepad, I found a couple of OTG Host Adapters with power to the USB device but if possible I want to charge my phone also...
  2. Lutfij

    How To Initiate Multiple Players On A Laptop Without Using Game Pads

    A lot of us are owners of laptops, once considered to be middle ground or a step above that, and today it’s considered obsolete. With the ability for pretty much anyone to gain access to Steam’s game library we often end up with games that need little resources to run. Upon further digging we...
  3. J

    How to use a Bluetooth gamepad with your Samsung Gear VR

    Many Samsung Gear VR experiences don’t require a gamepad to enjoy. Some more advanced and involved games benefit hugely from using a gamepad. Fortunately, Oculus officially supports three gamepads while others are known to work even if they aren’t officially backed by Oculus. Here is how to use...
  4. N

    I have sony vaio laptop and i also bought a gamepad of enter... gamepad is working properly but it not working in games..

    I am using sony vaio laptop with window 8 and i have a gamepad of enter.. gamepad is not working in any games.. how to use gamepad in games ?
  5. X

    Hardware Keylogger in-built in Gamepad

    Hi, Is there a possibility that there is a hardware keylogger in-built into a gamepad that I have just bought? If there is a hardware keylogger, what can it log? The stroke of the gamepad, or can it also install a software keylogger in the name of "gamepad driver", and keylog your whole...
  6. F

    External controller with Nvidia shield tablet

    Hello guys! So my question is pretty simple.. Is it possible to use any other controller with the Shield tablet, than the official Nvidia Wireless Controller? Like can i use any sort of bluetooth controller for android with the Nvidia shield tablet? For example, would this controller (Link)...
  7. B

    Using a Gamepad to control TV, Cable, and Home Theater (act as Universal Remote)

    Has anyone heard of any hardware/software combination that allows one to control TV, Cable, and Home Theater with a Gamepad? I've been thinking for awhile that the Xbox 360 Game Controller I use on my PC would be really better served if it could also turn on the tv, change channels and switch...
  8. J

    How much data does Ultimate Gamepad use?

    I recently upgraded my smartphone to the HTC One M8. It's a sweet piece of machinery, but I digress. While browsing the app store, I found the Ultimate Gamepad app, which lets you pair your smartphone with your PC via bluetooth or WiFi and use it as a gamepad or a mouse or whatever. My PC does...
  9. R

    Using 2 bluetooth controllers with only one usb adapter?

    Is it possible? the other usb adapter broke and now I only have one adapter and 2 controllers, is there anyway to make both controllers work on the same pc?
  10. M

    X360 Gamepad emulator

    :hello: A lot of new games requier the Xbox 360 gamepad. I already have a gamepad, so I downloaded an emulator. I installed it like written and it works for some part. :pt1cable: :) All the functions are pressent, but the buttons Y gives outcome B, B gives outcome A and so on. The right...
  11. G

    Nintendo Coming Up with Fix for Wii U Motion Sensor Issue

    The Wii U's GamePad has a bit of a motion sensor issue. Miyamoto suggests a "fix"... Nintendo Coming Up with Fix for Wii U Motion Sensor Issue : Read more
  12. JMcEntegart

    VIDEO: A Walk-through of Nintendo's Wii U Controller

    Dying for a better look at Nintendo's Wii U gamepad? Check out the virtual tour below! VIDEO: A Walk-through of Nintendo's Wii U Controller : Read more
  13. tuanmai

    Smartphone Concept Features Rotating Twin Displays

    Smartphone concept uses second display as virtual keyboard and gamepad. Smartphone Concept Features Rotating Twin Displays : Read more
  14. exfileme

    Buffalo Selling Famicom USB PC Gamepad Too

    The USB Nintendo PC Gamepad will bring back the old days of 8-bit gaming. Buffalo Selling Famicom USB PC Gamepad Too : Read more
  15. P

    Program to map Gamepad

    Im looking for sumthing other than pinnacle game profiler and total game control to map out controls to my gamepad..anything along the line of free would help alot..thanks