Using a Gamepad to control TV, Cable, and Home Theater (act as Universal Remote)

Bill Bisco

Apr 20, 2014
Has anyone heard of any hardware/software combination that allows one to control TV, Cable, and Home Theater with a Gamepad?

I've been thinking for awhile that the Xbox 360 Game Controller I use on my PC would be really better served if it could also turn on the tv, change channels and switch between HDMI inputs. Currently, I'm forced to have two controllers, my universal remote and my gamepad where really ideally I would like to get away with just one of these.

I'm thinking maybe some kind of external IR blaster to read my Xbox 360 controller's inputs and translate that into various universal remote buttons? Has anyone tried this before?
the controller is not meant to be used in this manner. likely it could be done but you would be doing a whole heck of alot of programming and using some specialized hardware to do it. then you would need to figure out how to make the gamepad swap between the two modes which again would all have to be using some software which doesnt exist to my knowledge.

two controllers is not bad at all.

i've got three. one for the tv, one for the home theater and one for the ps3 (i also have a ps3 remote control i use as well).


in short... nothing is ever impossible but as far as i know there is know easy way without coming up with a complicated solution yourself.