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  1. umaramya13

    Solved! Budget Laptop Recommendations?

    Can you Recommend me Budget Laptop that runs
  2. O

    Question Hp pendrive releated issue.

    Why does my 16gb HP v215b pendrive show 15.1gb usable storage? I format it with Fat32 but nothing changes. How is it possible? Thanks for advance. These are screenshots.
  3. J

    Question WIFI NOT switching on!!

    I have an old HCL Me laptop with i5 3rd gen. I don't use it very often. Recently I upgraded the ram to 8gb from 4gb. During this time I somehow got a virus the TrojanDownloader:JS/Fakepack. So for safety reasons I removed the WIFI adapter (hardware). I have successfully removed the virus (it...
  4. J

    Solved! Laptop keyboard and mouse not working

    My Hp laptop keyboard and mouse is not working properly. When I was using my laptop my laptop keyboard and mouse suddenly stop working. After sometime only brightness keys are working till I don't press any other key and rest keys are not working. Also capslock and wifi key lights are showing...
  5. K

    Constant FPS drop on new laptop

    Hello, thank you for clicking in this thread, recently i bought a MSI GL63-8RC laptop, it has spec as listed below: - Intel Core i5 8300H - GTX 1050 with 4GB of Vram - 8GB of single stick ram - Windows 10 with latest update - 1 Tb of HDD The problem is at seemingly random interval, the fps...
  6. L

    Sager np8625/p150-sm combination hardware/software issues

    My laptop is getting pretty old, and it's developed some interesting quirks. I would appreciate a solution or at least advice! -- System -- Sager np8625/p150-sm base Intel i7-4800MQ 16gb of RAM (unknown make/model) 250gb Crucial SSD (CT240M500SSD3) 750gb Western Digital HDD (W7500BPKT-75PK4T0)...
  7. B

    Galaxy s8+ camera not working

    So, I bought a galaxy s8+ and they said that other than the whole back being off, it worked perfectly and I immediately went to the camera because that was what didn't work on my other phone and it says "camera failed" every time, I've tried everything I can find online software wise, I don't...
  8. C

    Solved! Nextbook 11A nx16A11264

    I just installed the 6.0 update, and now unless the tablet is plugged in, it goes solid grey. I can see the outline of a website, or whatever I was previously doing, but everything is greyed out and unreadable. It did this before the update as well, but didn't require the tablet to be plugged...
  9. W

    Keyboard bizarre malfunction

    Please Help! I have an Hp 15-r030wm I'm working on for someone. The keyboard is having some weird issues. When booting into Windows it won't allow me to type in the password to get into the OS. The only keys that work at that point are the space key and the m key which has somehow been...
  10. M

    Asus S550C Black Illuminated Screen, No BIOS, NO POST, Trouble booting

    Hello, My Asus S550C laptop is having trouble getting to POST and booting. The hard drive, I have noticed, will power up and then wind down and remain doing nothing, as will the laptop which will continue to run a black, backlit screen, as well as all fans, lights, and the CD drive, but no hard...
  11. A

    Wich Laptop should I buy?

    Hi, my name is Bryan Acevedo. Since I do not know much about computers in terms of specifications, I would like if someone give me their opinion; All opinions are welcomed. First I have to say that the savings reach $ 1000, more than that it would be a bit difficult for me. I would like to get a...
  12. O

    Lenovo Legion Y520 Keyboard semi-not working(Computer Still Works just not the keyboard)

    I believe this is a hardware(Possibly software?) issue due to me being able to use an external keyboard and all of these keys working. Recently, a couple days ago I had decided to use disinfectant wipes to wipe my keyboard due to some kids at my table spilling a little bit of ice/juice onto my...
  13. Ill91_Gamer

    Basic Windows Troubleshooting

    Hello, Today I will show you how troubleshoot Windows. This is for basic issues that need to be fixed. This feature comes with Windows and is made by Microsoft. Steps: Step 1. Open Control Panel Note: This is how to open Control Panel, if you do not know. Windows 7: Click on the search tab...
  14. B


    the yuiop keys on my surface pro 3 does not work and is anoying the hell out of me. does some one have a solution thanks.
  15. A

    web cam software

    Hi savants , Could someone please help me get the Toshiba web camera software and the associated drivers for the laptop , 1) Model :- Satellite L50 - B10011 . OS - Win 8.1 , 64 Bit . It's urgent ! Thanks Amiyo
  16. A

    Nvidia Tray Icon Problem

    Hi guys, sorry for my bad english. So, i was reset my laptop a few days ago and i want to update my geforce experience because it's still currently running on version 2.5.0. I heard from the internet that i have to update manually because my version of geforce experience is too old. Then, i...
  17. L

    Tricking the game into thinking the computer has an older graphics card, so it can run

    I recently got a PopCap game for free (Bejeweled 3), for Origin was giving it out on its regular on-the-house promotions, and when I try to run it, it goes into a low resolution mode. Whenever I try to raise the resolution, the game says it can only do that when 3D acceleration is enabled...
  18. D

    Question about speaker ohm impedance for ONKYO amplifier

    Hi, I have a pair of jvc bookshelf speakers which both have a sticker on back that says a single one of the speakers is 4 ohms. I was just wondering if two 4 ohm speakers plugged into the L and R plugs on the back of amplifier would equal 8 ohms or would it still be 4 ohms? just because there is...
  19. V

    ASUS X551M laptop won't turn on even though the lights indicate that is is?

    Evening, I've has this laptop for 2 years. It's an ASUS X551M. This problem happened about a month ago where I was surfing the net and out of nowhere my laptop turned off on me and I was never able to get it to work since. Both lights (power and the battery) work just fine. I was thinking it...
  20. A

    Solved! Updation in Dolby Atmos Sound with existing Receiver

    Dear One, Greetings, I recently purchased Yamaha RX V677 (7.2 channel AV receiver) which is able to decode Dolby True HD, DTS HD Master sound. I want to upgrade my existing receiver in to Dolby Atmos/ DTS: X. Any firmware (Hardware/Software) is available for that?
  21. M

    Solved! New Windows 10 laptop screen flashing black

    Hi everyone, I bought a new HP spectre with windows 10 yesterday and noticed the screen flashing black a few times. It only happened within the first 20-30 minutes of setting everything up and lasted anywhere from about a second to 2-3 seconds. It was similar to what happens when you change your...
  22. F

    Hardware Software Options.

    A couple of questions. Are there External Tabletop Interfaces with both XLR and 1/4 inch I/O? Would it better to settle with the the first option or should I get a decent PCIe card and run instruments through a Mixer? What are the best Internal sound cards I should look for? Cheapest and...
  23. A

    13" Macbook Pro 2016 (No Touch Bar) vs Mackbook Pro 2015 ~ HELP!

    Hello, I am in the process of trying to decide whether to buy the new Macbook Pro 2016 (No Touchbar) or the old MacBook Pro 2015, however, I feel I don't have the full grasp of the hardware side of things to make an informed choice. Furthermore, every website I have been on has not really...
  24. M

    Acer laptop has trouble booting.

    I need some help troubleshooting. I think it is a hardware problem. Here is what happened. I have an Acer M5-583P-5859. My little cousin had a remote controller in his hand and I had my laptop open. One thing leads to another and he ends up throwing the controller fairly hard on my laptop...
  25. Xmaiden2

    Toshiba laptop dropped, hardware - software???....help...please

    After dropped laptop - how to determine hardware vs software problem?? My son has a Toshiba Satellite c75D-B7200 laptop OS Win 8.1 (not sure if 32 or 64bit) which he bought a few years ago (he did not make a recovery CD or USB). About a year and half ago, it fell out of his backpack onto...
  26. E

    How to become good with computers?

    Hello guys :) I have for some time now had the interest to get better with computers. And what I mean with that is getting to know general stuff about hardware, software, graphic cards, what resolution is good, the difference parts that make up a computer and what their function are. I figure...
  27. D

    People could listen to my game sounds through comms...

    Hey guys, if you guys would mind a couple of minutes helping me with a problem that I'm having. The problem is that people could hear my game sounds through comms like Discord, Skype or even voice comms on Overwatch. At first I thought it was a Discord bug but it happened on other platforms as...
  28. G

    Looking for cheapest possible Laptop/Desktop for playing Overwatch.

    Hi I've really wanted a game called Overwatch (even though I highly doubt any of you don't know what it is) and since I'm about to buy it (say in a week or two) and right now I only have this really shitty laptop which I call my Craptop (yes I do call it that) and I took a test for all my...
  29. D

    Forcing AutoCAD 2016 to use 940m

    Hello. I have added the application to the nvidia control panel and i can't change the setting which is "High performance". Still running the application says the intel 5500 is used. ugh. How can i force it to use the preferred card ? This is on a Lenovo Yoga 3 14".
  30. S

    Newbee question please : Laptop for football manager (smallest & cheapest)

    Hi, Looking for the cheapest and smallest solution to run 'just' football manager 2016 and 17 (when it comes out). I have a laptop capable now but want something smaller which is windows based and the cheapest price even second hand..So I can operate on the move and whilst doing my hobby...
  31. Z

    I need to get rid of it ASAP

    I wouldn't give a damn, but this popup bothers every time I try to browse my hard drive. I can't delete it through programs&features because it shows that this app is too old to delete. I don't know what to do, HELP!! This is the popup that bothers me all the time http://imgur.com/a/sFkeo
  32. B

    core prime charging issue

    my samsung galaxy core prime will only charge if powered off, it doesn't indicate that its charging just vibrates every few seconds, I've tried different chargers and tried connecting it to my pc (pc doesnt even detect it) i cant see any debris in the charge port. could this be a battery...
  33. P

    My custom built gaming PC has all of a sudden stopped performing

    My custom built gaming PC has all of a sudden stopped downloading or running any of my games and most of my programs ever since a couple of days ago. I already tried analyzing my hard drive and defragging it. I ran a full-system virus and malware scan on it and it showed 0 infected files. It...
  34. santy74

    Performance of an expensive laptops without dedicated graphics.

    Greetings everyone, I am confused which laptop to purchase. We hear so much of dell xps 13, macbook 13 inch air, lenovo yoga convertable series but most of these laptops don't offer a dedicated gpu. Reasons i want to purcase a laptop for: 1)working on softwares like eclipse ,CAD-CAM softwares...
  35. A

    Laptop turns off suddenly for no apparent reason

    So suddenly one day my laptop turned off for no reason, it didn't shut down but entirely turned off like when we remove power cable for a desktop. It seems to be working fine after that and it didn't turn on but when I removed the battery and plugged it in it did turn on but it used to shut down...
  36. R

    Laptop guidance needed for Comp Science Student.

    I'll be using the laptop for coding and application development. Most important qualities needed: 1. Solid Build. 2. Good Display. 3. Good Battery life. 4. I rarely game, so gpu doesn't matter. 5. Budget 700$ I'll be putting a 512gig SSD and ubuntu into the laptop once I get it so storage...
  37. D

    Help with the choice of a new wireless adapter for a Dell laptop

    Hello, guys, my laptop is Dell Inspiron 15 3543. Some of you may have heard of, or even experienced the number of defects the 15 series laptops come with, which from Dell refuse to fix or replace. Many people with this kind of laptops face performance issues, lack of wireless connectivity...
  38. S

    there is no product affected by this package installed on this system 2010

    Hi...everyone, when i installing sp2 for office2010 for 64bit giving msg there is no product affected by this package installed on this system 2010 anyone can find solution?? plz let me know thanks CB
  39. A

    Hard Drive Crashed, Transferring Windows 7?

    I have a laptop that is a few years old. About a week ago it was dropped and since I have been having problems with it. I'm almost positive it is the heard drive causing them. The computer will turn on but freezes at the starting windows screen. Sometimes it says can not find bootable device...
  40. L

    Assitance Needed On Laptop

    Hi guys and girls ......... Long time observer first time thread writer having trouble with my asus laptop works fine but cant use Nero on it have had Nero tech look into it and nothing someone suggested update firmware and or software but no idea how to do this as i stated just learning about...
  41. C

    New Head Set doesn't work properly

    I bought brookstones Cat Ear headset. I can get the mic to work, or I can get the speakers to work. I can't get them to work at the same time. I've tried every plug on my computer and i've tried every plug using every possible setting (line in, headphones, speakers, mic, etc)(i may have missed a...
  42. L

    Need help fixing hardware/software problems after virus scan was performed

    Taskeng.exe started randomly popping up on the taskbar about a month ago and my laptop was running extremely slow. I downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and scanned. It quarantined several files, etc. Ever since then I am getting an Installation Error popup for Amazon Cloud upon startup...
  43. S

    Accidentally dropped my phone on my laptop and froze it; restarted and now wifi won't work.

    I'm typing this from my phone right now. Laptop is an ASUS N550JK, running Windows 10. Just a while ago, I accidentally dropped my phone, which fell on the keyboard of my laptop and caused it to freeze. The screen froze as a flattened checkerboard pattern. For some reason, I thought to pull the...
  44. K

    Program for gaming laptop's hardware check

    Hello fellas! I am planning to go abroad in order to work, and buy a gaming laptop when I gather enough money. I am thinking about a MSI GT80 Titan (not that it matters). The thing is, I will not have enough time to check the laptop for internal flaws, and I will not have access to internet as...
  45. X

    How to run to windows at the same PC at the same time !@

    ^ Hello everyone, I really need a way to RUN 2 windows that run at the same time and at the same PC ! it would be better to run it on 2 different Monitors !
  46. V

    Do, "Gaming headsets," offer specific features that make them better for gaming than regular headsets?

    I own a decent pair of Bose (I know, probably overpriced brand, but I enjoy them). They are great for music, and they seem to be fine for gaming as well. However, I'm curious if, "Gaming headsets," do anything specific that makes them better for gaming? I want to have the best multiplayer FPS...
  47. J

    Surround Sound Hardware/Software Issue (PC)

    I have a Set of Logitech Z506 surround sound speakers. Through a series of tests I have determined all of the speakers work fine as do the 3.5mm aux cables that runs out to the pc. The PC is detecting all 3 colors I am using (Black for sides,orange for center/sub, green for stereo) and they are...
  48. G

    Filtering the output sound

    I have connected a fairly old pickup on the line in port of my sound card. The thing is some vinyl discs are a bit scratched, and that causes unwanted, parasitic sound. I wonder if there are any applications that detects this unwanted sounds, and filters them so the output sound would be a...
  49. JerrWolf

    Software and Files that aren't needed?

    Hello everyone! So my question is; is there a software to tell me which software or files on my PC are not needed and can be uninstalled? I've used "Should I remove it" but it doesn't seem to go into the detail i'm hoping for. The detail I'm looking for is a program that tells me if I NEED...
  50. C

    Wireless water leak alert system

    All, I am not sure this is the right place to ask this question, so I apologize in advance if it isn't. I'm very new to things like Raspberry Pi and other SOC hardware and the world of Linux and have had some experience in VB programming. I'm basically looking to build something that uses a...
  51. G

    Laptop freezes after installing new components

    Hi, I am working on a dell latitude d630, that was released early 2007, for a client. This laptop came with windows vista 32 bit and has intel (R) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00 GHz, and with 2 GB of ram. The laptop was running slow, the windows version was corrupted, and hard drive was also...
  52. J

    Any good screen recorders?

    Im a finding a good screen recorder cus i want to record my minecraft for my friend NOT for youtube. i dont like to imitate everybody else... just want some of my creations to my friends.. *Pardon me if the main tag is misleading. idk what main tag can be use for this xD
  53. W

    help, amd omega driver laptop win 8.1 issue

    So, i just upgraded my laptop's win 8 to win 8.1, and upgraded my AMD GPU's driver from 14.4 to the latest 14.12 driver, or the Omega Driver on my AMD Radeon HD 7670M right after upgrading my OS. But strangely enough, after finished upgrading the driver, and rebooting two times, i noticed that...
  54. K

    Alienware completely dead after installing old driver

    My 7 months old alienware 14 (still under the 1 year warranty)just decided to die on me. The scenario was: I was trying to update my directX, like soon after it was finishing up the update it completely died like everything is dead.I tried to turn it on but nothing happened no lights, no fans...
  55. K

    Alienware dead but still under warranty

    My 7 months old alienware 14 (still under the 1 year warranty)just decided to die on me. The scenario was: I was trying to update my directX, like soon after it was finishing up the update it completely died like everything is dead.I tried to turn it on but nothing happened no lights, no fans...
  56. Maxime506

    Windows 98 PCI resources conflict

    Hello folks! I recently managed to set up my second hand laptop with windows 2000 and 98. Both go well except 98 has resources conflict problem. The double PCI standard IDE controller conflict with "motherboard resources" at 8060-806F while ati rs300 host bridge conflict with the same crap at...
  57. E

    Can't detect my graphics hardware.

    Hi everyone, I recently reinstalled my laptop computer which features Intel HD 4000 and AMD Radeon HD 6650M. But for some reason after the install, it only finds something called "Standard VGA" screen adapter. And the "maximum" resolution is 1024 x 768, but I know that my screen has 1600 x 900...
  58. C

    Computer shuts down while playing games!

    Having frustrating computer issues right now. My laptop keeps shutting down when I play video games. It seems to be somewhat random, but only while playing games. When the laptop shuts down, its instant, despite being plugged in and having the battery in place. There is no log in the event...
  59. R

    Laptop freezing, then screen turns black.

    Hello! Recently, my laptop has been experiencing random lock ups. Every time this happens, the screen turns black a few seconds after and the only thing I can do is a hard reset. Im hoping it isnt hardware related, even though Im pretty sure it is. Any ideas as to what is going on? Specs...
  60. R

    Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display keyboard and trackpad NOT WORKING

    Hello all, Just yesterday, my keyboard and trackpad decided to stop working. The trackpad works about 5% of the time and the keyboard about 40% on and off. Is there anything I can do to reset them or something? WHAT DO I DO?!?!?!