Oct 5, 2017
Please Help!

I have an Hp 15-r030wm I'm working on for someone. The keyboard is having some weird issues.

When booting into Windows it won't allow me to type in the password to get into the OS. The only keys that work at that point are the space key and the m key which has somehow been changed to the enter key. Same issues on an external keyboard. Can't use a virtual keyboard either because it won't allow me to open it.

All keys to open bios, system diagnostics, and boot settings work fine. I tested the keyboard in system diagnostics and the hardware is functioning perfectly.

Startup repair does nothing. Dismantled and reassembled the notebook, did nothing . I've taken the hard drive out and ran chkdsk on it with a hdd bay, did nothing. I've updated the bios, did nothing.

I've installed a new hdd and when I try to install Windows with a usb it automatically opens command prompt instead of proceeding with the install. In cmd at that point the only keys that work are the f key which opens a find program. Within that application the only keys that work are space, backspace (makes a box), and h (backspace).

I'm stumped. Please someone help!
Because you did try reinstall the OS and external keyboard, that means the problem is from hardware. Either buy the used MB or whole new computer.