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  1. xFozox

    Question Some keys dont register when pressing shift

    Its almost impossible to play games because of this. (Laptop's own keyboard) External keyboard works fine.
  2. J

    Ctrl Key is being pressed even with external Keboard

    can anyone help me? the keyboard(external) works normally at first but after a few hours(sometimes minutes) of using it i noticed that the ctrl key is being held down but I'm not pressing it on my laptop or my external keyboard(which is new) and i cant even type.... I already tried the ff...
  3. B

    Solved! I am expieriencing Keyboard problems

    Can you run the Lodi box without the keyboard. And just use the remote.
  4. D

    Solved! A Strange Escape Button Problem

    Hello, this just happened today when I was forced to postpone my work because of this. When I turn on my laptop, I get things that have never happened for 5 years using the same laptop. I got a notification "please select boot device". So I chose to go to bios settings to reset the default...
  5. A

    Solved! My acer aspire e5-521's keyboard has recently completely stopped working and I'm kinda worried about what is going on with it.

    My keyboard has completely stopped working, and I don't know what to do.
  6. C

    Solved! Keyboard continues to back space

    Every time I go to type on my keyboard my computer automatically starts back spacing. Even the on screen keyboard does the exact same thing. Idk what to do
  7. G

    Laptop keys are not working properly

    Hi, i have an old sony vaio (vgn fe48 gh) laptop that used to run perfectly (great fps with LoL, photoshop, 3ds max 2012, fl studio 12 they all ran with no problems), but when i got busy with studies i didnt use it for a while, few days ago i opened it to get a few files back from it then i came...
  8. T

    Laptop keyboard problem

    Hi all, I have quite a strange situation going on. One of the laptops is experiencing quite an interesting problem: the Backspace, "\", and Enter keys sometimes work, sometimes don't. I tried to remove the keys and touch them without the actual key caps, but it wouldn't work either. I should...
  9. L

    Solved! my acer aspire's some keys are not working.

    the keys are 'P,T,U,J and the left arrow works after frequent hard/soft touches or a much harder touch.
  10. N

    Solved! MSI Keyboard Keys not wlorking

    The Q R and D keys on my MSI GP62 6QF laptop keyboard are not working. If it helps, my Windows 10 64-bit is up to date, I've updated all the drivers in Device Manger and my BIOS is version E16J5IMS.10F, 21/01/2016. There appears to be a newer BIOS (at least the date is newer) on my laptop...
  11. R

    Laptop key repair difficulty

    If anyone could help me with this, I would be very grateful. The shift key on my Asus K501UX Laptop started to stop working, so I took the key off to clean underneath (which fixed the issue). I'm now having a real problem reattaching the key to the keyboard (I tried to do this with other keys...
  12. B

    Wine spilled on Notebook, it works perfectly, should I be concerned?

    My mother has spilled some red wine on an ASUS K-555 notebook. It works. What next? I wasn't present when it happened, but I was informed later in the morning that my mother and father, both not so much tech savvy, did some saving measures. They turned it upside down and shook some of the wine...
  13. L

    Probems with some keys in Lenovo Ideapad 700

    For some time some of the keys in my laptop keyboard refuse to work at random times and those are always the same keys in the row that starts with 'A'; 'G' and 'H' always work but the rest of the letters and ';' randomly stop working. When they do refuse to work I just hit them randomly and...
  14. F

    Solved! my letters on the keyboard either don't work or they type the wrong letter.

    my keyboard recently started doing this after not being used for a while, and the keys feel like their functions have shifted into different areas on the keyboard. It's not the Num lock problem, and i have tried a lot of different ways to try and fix this but it seems that nothing works. i don't...
  15. R

    When ever I use my q key to type, it types qw instead of q, Please help

    When ever I use my q key to type, it types qw instead of q, it is really hard for me to game if my q key does that, for example i can't play league of legends anymore cause of this problem. I have the Razer cynosa chroma, Windows 10 pc. Please help me if you can. I can't live without league of...
  16. X

    h9ow d9o i fix this pr9oblem when i press "9o" it will put a 9 bef9ore it, even when i press 9 it happens and my ctrl and shif

    im using the keyb9oard 9on my lapt9op and it keeps bugging 9out t9o pressing keys bec9oming 9opening apps and n9ow this. and als9o this lapt9op is acer been 3 years since i b9ought it and its wind9ows 10. i just realize that preassing "0" p9ops 9out s9omething atthe right 9of my screen
  17. C

    Laptop Keyboard Specific Buttons Not Working?

    I have a Toshiba L750D which suddenly developed a problem where the entire F1-F3 down to x-c row/column of keys does not work at all, not on BIOS, or on Windows or on any rescue environment or Linux from usb media. I thought it was the keyboard. So I bought a new one and replaced it. The same...
  18. A

    Solved! Laptop screen and keyboard problem

    Hi, i have a MSI ge62vr 7rf and now i have a big problem, i was having a problem with the keyboard ( q r and d) didn't work so i opened it to check if the cable is not connected properly, i unplug it, i put it back, but after my display didn't turn on at all, and even the keyboard when i...
  19. D

    Screen highlights when I press "space bar" on my Laptop

    When I press the spacebar of my keyboard, the screen gets highlighted around the cursor (a row along the cursor is highlighted). It says press esc to exit on the top of the highlighted row. Watch the video below Link: How can I get rid of this... it...
  20. R

    I have an ASUS X553M Laptop. Its keyboard doesn't work even external keyboard. And it has install windows problem.

    This laptop has keyboard problems. The keyboard doesn't work. Even the external keyboard doesn't work. I can't boot to windows normally, it gives me this error: "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click...
  21. K

    letter i stopped working

    have to copy and paste. i took the top of key off and have used compressed air. Drivers are up to date and there is no errors showing in device mgr.
  22. M

    Number 4 key pressing on its own

    Hello. I'm having a really annoying problem. The number 4/right arrow key on my num pad continually presses on its own. I don't think it's physically stuck or anything like that. I've tried disabling the key with AutoHotKey and the issue still persists. This is on a laptop. I would really...
  23. A

    use number keys

    The number keys on my ASUS Q502L don't seem to work
  24. J

    Pr0blems with my keyb0ard n0t w0rking

    Hi, my name is Jay. Ive had my lapt0p f0r a while n0w, and recently s0me 0f the keys 0n my keyb0ard have st0pped functi0ning and i have had t0 res0rt t0 using alternate keys, 0n screen keyb0ard, and c0py and paste...
  25. Y

    Spilled Tea on Keyboard help

    So, earlier today I spilled around 1-2oz of tea on my keyboard. I removed the battery, turned it off, dried the interior of the laptop. When I turned it back on, the keyboard worked just fine, but after an hour stopped working. When I restart the laptop, it works fine again. I have a Toshiba...
  26. K

    Fn+F4 and F7 shortcuts not working anymore (Y520)

    I have Lenovo Legion Y520 laptop, and since yesterday my shortcut keys with Fn; F4 (mic mute) and F7 (airplane mode) haven't been working. The airplane mode is not an issue, but I use the mic mute button daily so it's been really handy. The keys itself are still working (tested it) so problem...
  27. P

    Wrong keys typing

    My keyboard is typing the wrong keys when I press them on my Hp Spectre Laptop(Windows 10.) Is there any way this can be fixed? I already tried changing the keyboard language and restarting the computer but that did not solve the issue. Someone suggested doing a System Restore but I don't know...
  28. I

    Alienware AW768 Keyboard Up arrow key not working???

    My Alienware AW 768 keyboard Up arrow key is not working, scroll lock is off, num lock is off, and all the other arrow keys work, just the up one doesn't. I've plugged in the keyboard to another computer and the arrow key works, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, and sometimes the up...
  29. W

    Keyboard bizarre malfunction

    Please Help! I have an Hp 15-r030wm I'm working on for someone. The keyboard is having some weird issues. When booting into Windows it won't allow me to type in the password to get into the OS. The only keys that work at that point are the space key and the m key which has somehow been...
  30. K

    multiple layers of asking me to move my file to recycle bin appears plus deleting words on its own

    i need help! these past few days my laptop has been acting weird. Whenever i click something (ex. a file) a multiple layers of "are you sure you want to move this file to recycle bin" appears. I tried scanning my laptop but its no use. My laptop also backspace/delete words on its own. I cant...
  31. G

    Asus Laptop Keyboard and Touchpad not working

    Hello, I have an Asus k550j laptop and my keyboard and touchpad are not working. It started like 3-4 months ago. I used external keyboard and usb mouse during that time and everything worked fine. About 2 weeks ago I decided to get it repaired because I thought it was a hardware problem since...
  32. Z

    I spilled water on my keyboard and it's acting weird. What should I do?

    I have a Lenovo Ideapad and while using it, I accidentally spilled some water on the keyboard and the screen. I quickly cleaned it up, but then the keyboard became weird - for example, when I tried to write "a", it wrote adkdjj (or something like that) and the same thing happened with all the...
  33. C

    Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567 keyboard typing super slow randomly and affects games

    I have no idea what to do. As im typing this now it will type just fine then suddenly ill be done with a sentence and its lagging behind half way then complete really fast. Ive tried turning filter keys off, keeping my cpu usage as low as i can, ive monitored it with no real spikes in apps, ive...
  34. S

    Lenovo Thinkpad T520 - Some keyboard keys (b, n, space) and Power button are not working

    So a few months ago I moved out and I forgot my laptop in sleep mode for a few days. When I tried to open it, I couldn't succeed. I put the charger in, kept pressing the Power button, nothing happened. Eventually, I managed to boot it by removing the battery and the charger, remove the CMOS...
  35. V

    Acer Aspire E5-511G Spare Keyboard key

    Hello everyone, I accidentally broke the hinge of my down arrow key on my Acer E5-511G keyboard. I would like to buy a new key/hinge/cap, however, the few websites that I browse did not had the suitable hinge for my keyboard. Do somebody here knows a website, or a seller on some online shops...
  36. L

    Backlit keyboard not working properly

    The function to activate the backlights of my keyboard doesn't work as it should. Sometimes I manage to turn the lights on, but this is only possible in the first 5 seconds after Windows started up (and thus the first seconds I can see my desktop). After around 5 seconds, there is no turning...
  37. E

    Trackpad and specific keys not working

    I've visited several forums in regards to these issues but have come up short. I was wondering if this community might be able to troubleshoot some solutions. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing back.
  38. zombi3010.steam

    Help Fixing hard to press key on laptop.

    The middle mouse button needs to be pressed down really hard on my Lenovo ThinkPad X220. I have removed the key cap to see if anything is stuck in there but it all looks clean. I also removed and put back in the little rubber membrane to see if that helped at all. would really appreciate some...
  39. C

    A few of my laptop keys are not working.

    Six, eight, nine, Number Lock, left shift, Escape keys are all not working. A few other keys are also not working. What can I do to fix this other than replacing the laptop?
  40. E

    keyboard specific ok ?

    Do you know if somehow can make my pc presing zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and if i am not at my pc ??
  41. F

    Solved! Keyboard Can't press multiple keys when key z is included

    Hi Guys so a week ago I asked about why my laptop can't press more than 2 keys and I thought it was just the way the keyboard was designed and it seems that I can press multiple keys at once except when the key 'z' is one of the key pressed. then i can only press 2 keys. And in one of the game I...
  42. S

    Down arrow does not work on brand new laptop

    I have a one year old Lenovo Ideapad 100. Its running on Windows 10 and the computer looks brand new. The thing is, the down arrow stopped working a few months after buying the laptop last year. I called their techsupport but they won't help without keeping the computer with them for at least...
  43. S

    Solved! Keyboard protection cover for DELL 7567

    I bought a normal rubber keyboard protection cover from local market which looks like this. Problem is the cover does not attach to my dell 7567's keyboard, maybe it's because the laptop body is not metallic. That cover nicely attaches to my another hp pavilion. What is a way so I can protect...
  44. A

    Solved! Asus Laptop some keys not working w,s,2,x, esc

    I have an Asus Q524UQ laptop and recently the w,s,2,x, and esc stopped working. Now I can get them to work after pressing on them for enough and then they work at least for a short while. I have tried uninstalling the keyboard driver but honestly I may not be doing that the right way. I would...
  45. D

    Weird things happening

    So here's the deal I woke up one morning, and opened my pc. But, all of a sudden, my left shift was working as a backspace and my right shift was doing this |. I don't really know what happened, and i need some help, because i have searched a lot of forums and googling stuff. Do I have to buy a...
  46. K

    Asus TP500LAB laptop keyboard problems

    My laptop keyboard has issues where some keys wont work more often than they do work. It started with just keys on the bottom row but today it got to the point where enter and backspace doesn't work either. Now to type this I mashed on the buttons enough until they worked but this doesn't always...
  47. H

    Keybwoard adding slettersl (<-- See?)

    Last night I was doing a report on the computer and suddenly I knocked over a half empty glass of water. Water barely touched my keyboard and now each time I type a letter or number is added to what ever I type. Two make this paragraph readable I had to go back and erase multiple w's and l's...
  48. T

    Weird Shift/Ctrl Key Problem

    Hi, everyone! I'm using an Aspire E 14, and I noticed that my left shift key has stopped working with the I J K and , keys, while the M key doesn't work with both shift keys. I haven't done anything aside from rebooting, doing a virus scan (negative) and checking the the sticky keys settings...
  49. S

    when i press the key .. its opening another problem

    Dear sir .. i have my asus laptop .. when i am operating my keyboard in the microsoft office file . Ex: if i am opning word i typing there . if i press ,O, Then its directly opening SAVE As file .. at the same if i open google browser and if i type when i press ,O, then its opening INSPECT...
  50. M

    ASUS laptop keyboard and touchpad not working (external works fine)

    my asus laptop keyboard and touchpad suddenly stopped working. i have tried FN+F9 but it still doesn't work (it only worked ONE TIME when i accidentally pressed FN+F10 to mute). if i connect to external usb keyboard and mouse, it works perfectly with no problem. any help? thanks.
  51. A

    My Asus Laptop Keyboard is bugged very badly

    Hello Excuse me, about 7days ago I was playing my video game like everyday. (DCUO). And I turned my laptop off and put away. Next day, I turned it on and while it was getting on I was cleaning it with glass wash liquid and a fabric, a little bit of the liquid fell on my N then I cleant it as...
  52. S

    Random keys on ThinkPad keyboard typing wrong thing Windows 7 Pro

    All the letters Upper & lower case type correctly but like the number 5 across the top types a b and 6 types an n. In the numeric keypad the 1 types a 0 zero the minus symbol types a plus symbol and the symbol keys at the end of the letters don't work at all so it's very random. I was told this...
  53. J

    acer aspire one netbook ( not sure which model it is) keep pressing one of the dot like keys nonstop?

    is it the motherboard possibly damaged somehow? i have a external usb keyboard thay works fine on my desktop pc plugged in to it and the issue persists either way. i also had a clean install of two operating systems (ubuntu mate 32 bit and lubuntu 32 bit) (currently have lubuntu on it) and the...
  54. I

    ACER Aspire F5-573G (F15) keyboard problem

    Hi, Yesterday I bought my new Acer F15 (F5-573G). After I installed everything I have decided to play some Pro Evolution Soccer 2017. Then I noticed that I can't make a long pass from my left flank (using keys UP+RIGHT+(E)+D) (and yes, I am playing using keyboard, which is maybe better...
  55. S

    Laptop keyboard issue

    I'm using a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10 installed and this morning when I logged on my keyboard started acting up. After using a keystroke check it seems that the keyboard is simultaneously pressing a bunch of the top row number keys and a couple number pad keys as well as some random other...
  56. A

    Keys won't work when I turn on the pc

    Hi, I own a Mediacom Smartbook 11 and lately when I turn it on some keys (from a couple to the whole second row) won't work. Usually they start to work after a little while and even though I've searched I didn't find anyone else with this problem, so I thought that they were just somehow...
  57. B

    Letter keys unresponsive on boot up

    So I got a Origin Eon17-SLX laptop (Windows 10 Pro) recently and close to when I first started using it up to now, I noticed that after l boot up the laptop from a shut down state and get to my desktop screen, the letter keys except for Z don't respond when I press them. But, if I press a non...
  58. M

    solve my problem about screen

    can u help me with this ? i only open my laptop to change hard drive with another where its already installed windows 10, but now i got this on my screen...i dont know how to solve it :)and my keyboard do not response.
  59. S

    Solved! Right control key is inputting the / instead

    All programs. Happening in both my windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (dual boot).
  60. B


    the yuiop keys on my surface pro 3 does not work and is anoying the hell out of me. does some one have a solution thanks.