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    help me pleaze i cant uze ezz & other lettterz

    my keybor will type wertyuiopafhklzxcvbnm but wont type the re5t an when i hit hift it ha a 4 an the other 1 ha enter what houl i o:??:????????:(:bounce: i like fro
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    ASUS N56DP-DH11 Fn Key Malfunction

    A few days ago I purchased the N56DP-DH11. So far, so good, and the gaming seems to be going alright (still trying to get temps down ad everything as I'm new to all this). Anyway, yesterday I noticed that if I press Fn + F11 (to turn the volume down) or Fn + F12 (to turn the volume up) it types...
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    Lenovo y550 enter key popped off

    Recently my enter key has come off. I was playing with is for 2 days if not more and I still haven't managed to get it back. I think that there is something wrong with my plastic mechanism. It is fully functional but it doesn't want to clip back. Here are some screenshots of how does it look...
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    Asus wierd keyboard problems again

    I have an Asus Zenbook Ux31A which is about 9 months old. A week ago the q k c and . keys stopped working. If I use an External keyboard they are fine. Bizarre thing is if I run Windows 8 defender they start working again only to stop 5 mins later Its driving me crazy - the Defender 'solution'...
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    Help! Key not responding but spamming at start !

    I have a Packard Bell easy note LS13HR. I inadvertently droped milk all over my keyboard....I immediatly turned off my computer, and tried to dry as much as I could. When I turned it on, everything was working fine, until the letter "e" started working on its own. Then, the letters...
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    Keyboard problems

    Hello, I have a problem with my keyboard specifically the numbers. Every time i type 5, 45 appears. For 6, 76 and so on. How can i fix this?
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    Lenovo keyboard problems

    Hello, my laptop lenovo s110 cant tpye numbers, how i can solve this problems
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    Keyboard problems

    My Acer Aspire keyboard share key u&4,i&5,o&6,p&*,j&1,k&2,l&3 but now I can\'t use the letters it will type the numbers & symbols only
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    Lenovo Ideapad Keyboard Problems

    My Lenovo Ideapad Y550's keyboard doesn't work while in game. Only the arrow keys and some of the others work (shift, control, enter tab). All of the keys work when not in game. I have updated drivers, but other than that I have no idea what to do.
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    Solved! Toshiba satellite laptop keyboard problems

    Hello, I bought a laptop not to long ago(3 months) because i thought i might need one in the future for traveling, college ect. I havent bee n using it very much and a week ago i tried to search for a youtube video and the keys just started open stuff like my history and pc set-up options and...
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    Dell inspiron 1525 keyboard problems

    Hi Anyone help i have a dell inspiron 1525 laptop, It all works fine apart from the fn ctrl keys they dont seem to work is this software or hardware. Do i need a replacement dell 1525 keyboard please ?
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    Dell Inspiron 6000 keyboard problems and Win 7

    I just obtained a Dell Inspiron 6000 from a friend. He was running Windows 7 on it fine as far as I know. I did a clean install of Windows 7 on the laptop today. I am having problems with the keyboard. When I press certain keys, strange things happen. Like extra characters showing up or the...
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    Keyboard problems

    Hello,HELP! I have an HP 550 Laptop that had a fried motherboard. I purchased a used motherboard and replaced it with little problem. Everything seemed to be working fine until I used the keyboard. When I hit the (a) key I get ('a). When I hit (f) or the (5) I get (5f). Also, when I hit (j) or...
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    Toshiba laptop keyboard problems

    Hello, none of the buttons work on the key board it is a u305 satellite
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    Solved! Dell inspiron 2650 keyboard problems

    Hello, Why does my G & H keys doesn't function when I use it?
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    Toshiba Satellite A80 Keyboard Problems

    Hi, any one can solve my pc problems, 1) A continue beep sound on after i press the on button. 2) Some people say was the keyboard problem, but i facing the same problem after i had changed that key board. 3) Even i change to EXT USB Keyboard also facing the same problem. Thanks...
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    Laptop mouse and keyboard problems

    Well as i am writing thhis my cursor is screwing around but the main poblem is that whenever i am moving my mouse(mousepad or wireless) for some reason it makes most of the lower keys on the keyboard spaz out and press really quickly. for example in my games it will spam c v b, c=mic which...