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  1. M

    GT72S F, G, andSpacebar

    Hi, Up until recently, starting around a month ago, these certain laptop keys do not function correctly, and I am having trouble even posting this, going over keys multiple times so they work. Anyway, the F, G, and Spacebar keys are not working as they are supposed to. Frequently, those 3 will...
  2. A

    New laptop does not allow me to enter password (the typing does not show up) so I can no longer access it.

    My laptop developed a fault and now does not allow me to enter the password or PIN (the typing does not show up in the dialog box). The fingerprint recognition doesn't work either, so I can no longer access it at all. I have tried lots of different methods to fix the problem, including rebooting...
  3. A

    my laptop keys are messed up!! typing from onscreen keyboard

    my qwertyuiop is like this-: qrwerwerwetYUIOPT asdfghjkl-: afsdfsdfsdg\hjkl zxcvbnm-: zvxcvxcvxcbnm im doing best finding solution online but cant find anything yet Please help anyone
  4. D

    Backspace is broken?

    My backslash button partly works. when i click it it will not work but when i click shift and clicks it, outputs | is there a
  5. T

    use laptop as monitor for pc?

    Hiện nay, đứng trước sự gắt gao về thủ tục cho vay vốn từ phía các ngân hàng đã khiến cho nhiều khách hàng e ngại trong việc tìm nguồn vốn đầu tư. Vay thế chấp tài sản yêu cầu người vay phải có giấy tờ để đứng ra thế chấp mới được sự cho phép. Điều này vừa tốn thời gian, giấy tờ, thủ tục lại...
  6. A

    Solved! So I have a Dell Inspiron laptop...For the past couple of days the left arrow key of the laptop gets randomly pressed for long

    So I have a Dell Inspiron laptop...For the past couple of days the left arrow key of the laptop gets randomly pressed for long without physically pressing the key causing the cursor to shift to unwanted places.Moreover the right arrow key sometimes becomes non-functional.These problems have made...
  7. Z

    Solved! Computer acting strange, even after clean install of Windows

    I have a interesting question and was wondering if you could give me some advice or tell me what is going on you see I have a Laptop with Windows 7 on it that I use just for messing around online, surf the web, watch youtube videos just regular stupid things but lately it started acting a bit...
  8. D

    Period Key stops working, and turns to delete key

    The period key one my keyboard stops working and turns to delete key when i press it, however the numpad one still works, my laptop is an asus x555q
  9. R

    Asus X501A replacement keyboard problems.

    Hello! I run a local laptop repair shop and a client brought me his ASUS X501A laptop because some keys were not working so I ordered a replacement keyboard and everything was fine until 2 days later the client came back because the same problem happened... So I ordered a new replacement and...
  10. P

    key board and touch pad and slow computer starting up

    i used to move my computer a lot while its on and many people told me not to do so because it may harm it and my computer recently started going slow. starting up slowly and after some time my keyboard and touch pad stopped working..... most people say that this cant be fixed what shall i do...
  11. T

    Solved! Some of my laptop keys are not working.

    Hey guys, I have Toshiba Satellite laptop. It's pretty old, but I got it for only half years. It worked without issues all that time, but last 2 days. Yesterday keys (1,2,e,t,u,i,o,-) stopped working, but their condition kept changing like every minute (Working/Not working..) Today I turned it...
  12. C

    Keyboard not works well

    Hi guys, I need a help. I'm using an samsung series 5 model np510r5e. Last day my keyboard became a mess. When I type "backspace" shows character "eigth", when I type character "a" shows "c", and the mess follow in others keys. I already search something about type "FN + num lock" but it not...
  13. M

    Solved! Keyboard Key Issues

    To get straight to the issue, whenever I press a key like shift or ctrl, it sticks. Not physically, but it acts as if the key is still pressed. So if I were to press shift then let it go, it acts as if it is still pressed and will capitalize the next letter I type even though I am not pressing...
  14. D

    1234 and space arent working

    1234 en spacebar arent working unless i hold down the FN button on a few toshiba laptops i am pretty sure its not a hardware issue but a software because i have it on a few diffrent laptops its really weird someone knows whats up?
  15. D

    Solved! how do I know if a keyboard fault is software or hardware related?

    I have an HP Pavilion DV6000 and find that sections of the keyboard don't work. In particular, these are the two ends of the top row of letters, so I don't have QWER UIOP. I have deleted and reloaded the keyboard elements from Device Manager, yet the problem persists. Is this pointing to a...
  16. F

    Toshiba click 10 LX0W-C64 (PN: PDW0GU-005005) Dock problem.

    Hello. Here's is our problem: Device: Toshiba Click 10 LX0W-C64 PDW0GU-005005 convertible with Windows 10 1607 Bios: Insyde -3 , 1.60 (55070019) (from wmic bios get ....) Problem: From yesterday to today, no keyboard or touchpad working. Only works touchscreen. Any recommendation to us...
  17. C

    Some keys on my laptop suddenly stopped working.

    I am om Windows 10 and I noticed today that some of the keys on my keyboard have stopped working. I am on Windows 10. I have tried resetting my pc and reinstalling my keyboard driver. If anyone has solutions on this i will be truly grateful. Thank you!
  18. D

    Laptop keyboard problems

    I have the lenovo G700 and yesterday some keys on my keyboard have stopped working (Space, t, y, n left shift and backspace) I tried removing the battery and holding the power button for 1min and i took off the caps and cleaned the mechanism but it still wont work ?
  19. O

    Solved! Acer Laptop Random Keys not working after water spill

    Hey I got some (not a lot) water spilled on my laptop keyboard and now many of keys doesn't seem to work, or they get stuck. Not physically stuck but when you press 's' for example it just keeps typing sssss.... Some keys still work normally. The laptop itself works normally. All usb ports...
  20. M

    Keyboard\ proble6ms\ please\ help

    6my\ keyboard\ is\ extre6mely\ 6messed\ up.\ so6me\ keys\ dont\ work\ and\ nu6mbers\ show\ up\ when\ i\\ type\ things.\ its\ 5
  21. B

    Keyboard Typing J Instead of E

    Hello! I woke up to my lenovo G700 laptop all messed up. I'm using the on screen keyboard because the e key is typing j for some reason. I tried pressing num lock but it just makes the e a 1 instead. Nothing new has happened and it was fine last night. My keyboard is set to United States English...
  22. K

    Asus keyboard problems

    Hi. My Asus laptop R541U just arrived which I ordered online. The keyboard of it has some serious problems. For instance when I press m, it types mvx and presses enter, j types a/, n types nbz, y opens up a google support website, 7 types ,74321. These letters have problems, and I can't do...
  23. G

    Laptop inputs "9" continuously on password log in until i press backspace to start deleting them

    Whenever i open up my laptop and try to type in my password to log in my laptop starts to input "9" over and over and over until i press backspace to start deleting the 9s and if i don't it will keep inputting 9 until it runs out of space, it only does this on the log in screen and no where...
  24. A

    Toshiba Satellite C40D-B letter k key problem

    I do not know what happened but after a year of service to me my k key wont respond anymore and it can't type anything, I was wondering if there is a way to fix this at home, since i dont want to be bringing a usb keyboard everywhere I go.
  25. B

    i need help

    My laptop's "2","4","5","7","0","~","backspace","i","o","ctrl" keys not working i tried to update standart p/s keyboard but still no response Acer V5- 473G
  26. S

    two keys not working on laptop

    I have a Toshiba Satellite, Windows 10. I turned on my computer one day and the x and ctrl keys no longer worked on the physical keyboard. They work on the touchscreen, and a USB keyboard. Everything else is fine. My drivers are all up to date. Judging by when the problem started, it does not...
  27. Y

    Some keys stopped working after windows 10 restore

    Hi I have a Toshiba E45t-B1406 and after doing a restore of Windows 10 some keys stopped working ie. display output, mute/unmute. Everything worked fine before. I already tried uninstalling the keyboard drivers in Device Management and reboot but still nothing. The keys do work because they make...
  28. L

    Lenovo y700 keyboard problems

    So i had problems with keyboard stopping to work. Someone adviced me to reinstall the drivers but that did not help. The keyboard sometimes randomly stops working and i have to restart my computer, this happens a few times a week. Any help appreciated :)
  29. C

    Ctrl shortcuts partially working

    Some shortcuts on my laptop keyboard are working normally while pressing keys simultaneously (Ctrl + A, Ctrl + S, Ctrl + N, Ctrl + D...), but some are not (Ctrl + Z, Ctrl + Y, Ctrl + X, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V...). Actually, they are working only when I: press and hold Ctrl + C (for example) and...
  30. L

    Asus Laptop Keyboard Problems

    Hello! Recently I've got this strange problem with my problem. Alright. My laptop is Asus K550J and it's about 3 months since I've bought it. At the beginning I was experiencing some keys to not work at certain times, but I've thought it was temporary or there was a bug with Win10 and after the...
  31. Mochithecat

    number 4 on keyboard wont type (numpad is fine though)

    for some unexplained reason, the 4 key on my laptop (msi ge72 2qc apache) just stopped registering whenever i try to enter in a 4 from it (the row above the qwerty keys). the shift+4 still enters $ and programs where i would say configure a hotkey still recognizes when the 4 is pressed at...
  32. D

    Replaced keyboard won't type 'qweruiop'

    Latitude E7450. Spilled coffee on keyboard. Replaced and most keys work. Only "QWERUIOP" fail to type. Replaced again, but same exact problem from both replacements. Any ideas greatly appreciated!
  33. T

    some keys suddenly stop working

    last day i was working with computer as usual, when suddenly something weird started to happen, i noticed that TAB button started to be triggered, because i noticed that different parts of a program started to be hovered. i restarted my computer, but it didn't help. i couldn't even type windows...
  34. A

    laptop keyboasrd screqwing up

    when i type this happens f is "fs" s comes out as "amfs" d takes me to google z or x comes out as "zx" a is "as" and more it was a pain to type this B)
  35. M

    ASUS TP500LA keyboard backlight not working

    Don't know when exactly the keys stopped lighting up, but might've been about a year ago or so. The lights don't work at startup or in the dark either and there seem to be no keyboard functions for them in this model. The laptop just came from repair and the note that came with it said "This...
  36. C

    Cant Figure Out How To Unlock Fn

    I just purchased a new Asus computer and it is great so far except for the fact that I have to hold down the Fn key to easily adjust my brightness or volume. I want or Unlock/Lock the fn key so I don't need to hold it down but I can't find the key which is usually on the escape button.
  37. S

    Asus TP500LN-CJ088H Keypads a, d, j, k, l, ; ,' , 6 Stop Working

    I'm using Asus Transformer Book Flip model TP500LN-CJ088H. Some of the keypads such as a, d, j, k, l, ; ,' , 6 stop working several months ago. Since under warranty, I've sent it to asus service centre to get repair. Upon picked up, the keypads working as well after been formatted and I've been...
  38. P

    Sticky Alt Key

    I have sticky alt key on an Acer Aspire R13 372T laptop, this leads me to ask, in the past i have pulled out keys and put them back in, is this true for every laptop? Are there laptops in which if you pry out a key you can't put it back in and break it? Thanks!
  39. N

    My keyboard doesn't work, as I have pressed something on the keyboard i don't know. what can I do? Maybe it has lock. i don't

    My keyboard doesn't work, as I have pressed something on the keyboard i don't know. what can I do? Maybe it has lock. i don't
  40. I

    Keyboard types wrong characters in Windows Explorer specifically

    Basically My keyboard is typing the wrong characters, but only in windows explorer (I'm in Windows 7 by the way). The weird thing is that this only happens to all symbols except for *, (, ), &, $, %, !, -, _, +, =, ;, and :. All other programs, including ones from microsoft, work fine. I tried...
  41. E

    keyboard problems on asus laptop+

    my a,d,f,j,k,l, and ';' do not type on my keyboard. I also cannot use the numeric keypad. i have to use the on screen keyboard to make those characters. I have asus U56E.
  42. G

    Looking for some help with a broken (I think) keyboard

    Hi all, A while ago, I spilt some coke on my laptop's keyboard, and ever since the keys on the numpad have been sticky, but the computer still worked perfectly good besides that. However, yesterday, while the machine was out, but not on, some water was knocked onto the machine, coincidentally...
  43. E

    whole keyboard (laptop) gives me a different output

    Hello people, Here is the issue. I have a laptop and all the keys are not working properly. For example: When pressing the key "1" i get " - " when pressing number 2 on the right side, I get the windows button when pressing "b" i get "x" The laptop keyboard never worked and I made a...
  44. F

    Asus R500VJ left cntrl and shift keys not working

    Hello, so for a couple days my left control and shift keys haven't been working. I wasn't having any issues with them until they suddenly stopped working, so I wondered if it was some kind of software issue? I tried restoring to before I had the issues but my computer said the restore point was...
  45. A

    Bios reset. Cmos. Broken keyboard.

    Hello everyone. Laptop: Asus K55VJ OS: Windows 7 I am unable to boot my laptop. I must highlight one of the two options to allow windows to boot. However, laptops keyboard is broken and I have installed different drivers to disable it completely. I have been using external usb keyboard with...
  46. H

    (SOLVED)Some keys not working if i hold other keys

    Whenever i hold "w" ,keys like tab,e,r,y and few other not working,it worked before and i dont think i've done anything bad Weirdly the way to fix this is that i took out my f3 using a tooth pick and i put it back in. It worked
  47. R

    My laptop keyboard is not working after cleaning the fan

    Hello, My laptop is Toshiba satellite L850-I2011. My laptop was overheating so, I cleaned it and when I turned it on it showed a error that ***RTC Battery is low. Press F2 to set Date/Time***. I googled that on net that you can use a external keyboard for first time set date and time and then...
  48. E

    Keyboard not working after removal of SSD

    My laptop had a problem starting, so i took out the SSHD for a while, when i put it back some keys on the keyboard were not working, funny thing is the keys that do not work change everytime i switch it on
  49. S

    Toshiba laptop keyboard unworking

    After I returned back to Windows 7 from Windows 10 , my Toshiba Satellite computer's fn,ctrl,z,x,c keys are not working.I don't think that there is a problem with the hardware and I struggled a lot to solve the problem , can somebody help me ?
  50. A

    Replacement Keys for Gigabyte P55-BW1

    Hey guys, So recently my left control key (the small one) on my laptop came off. So I put the chiclet pieces back together and popped the key back on, but something isn't right. When I hit the bottom portion of the key, everything is fine, however when I hit the top portion of the key the bottom...
  51. N

    Function key behaving strangely

    I recently updated to windows 10 and since then to use the alternate functions of the f keys, I need to hold fn, press the key, then release fn. It makes adjusting my volume and brightness a very painstaking process. (I used to be able to hold fn and volume up to raise the volume all the way)...
  52. D

    Random Delayed Keys on HP Laptop Windows 10!?

    Why is my laptop keys delaying everytime I turn it on? I have to keep restarting for it to stop, but when it happens, I have literally hold a key until it begins to enter. It's not the type of delay where theres a lag, but more of a delay until the laptop recognizes that im clicking it. I...
  53. T

    Asus keyboard some keys are not working

    I've got an Asus X453, the Q, C and K key are not working, I've tried to disconnect the keyboard and then plugged it back in.It works for half a day but then it stops working again.Everytime I repeat the same step it shows the same result.I just bought this laptop 3 months ago, so I suspect it's...
  54. J

    Fujisu Laptop cannot type properly

    Keys can’t type: w, r, y, a, s, d, f, g, v, b, 2, 3, 4, [backspace], [up, down, right arrow], [Page Up] Keys went wrong: [Spacebar]--> [Spacebar] a, 7-->7s, 8--> 8[F5] Please help!
  55. U

    Dell i7559 Heating Issue

    Hello, I've been using the dell i 7559 since 2 months. When i initially used it i had a battery backup of around 9 hours ( internet, movies) and the keyboard kept comparatively cool. after i started gaming onto it, I'm facing issues. The battery backup is now only 2-3 hours, i started monitoring...
  56. K

    Are the Corsair K70 non-RGB versions compatible with the Corsair Utility Software?

    I want to map my keys around a bit, but the Corsair Utility Engine that worked with the RGB version (which I had to return because it had the wrong switches, I bought the red leds for a cheaper price) would not work with the standard red LEDs. The software says the keyboard is not plugged in. I...
  57. Grossly

    How do I put a laptop key back onto my Asus X401A1?

    Hello, My # one key came off of my Asus X401A1 laptop, and i'm having trouble putting it back on. i've looked everywhere I can think of for help, bUT no luck. Some websites haven't even heard of my laptops model number(X401A1) Can anyone help me figure this out? It's driving me crazy - I need...
  58. N

    ASUS keyboard problems-right side errors

    Right side of my ASUS laptop does not work well. For example key "l" is reacting like "ùl" (in French register) or "'l" in US layout, key "m" as "àm" or "0;" and so on. Most keys on the right side of keyboard are assotiated with a wrong symbols. At the moment using external keyboard. Any...
  59. H

    Keyboard problems With Toshiba Laptop

    Typed letters jump to another word or sentence. Whole sentences disappear. Mozilla made changes to my email lately. Did they cause this? Toshiba laptop 2+ years old. This post just jumped to Google!