whole keyboard (laptop) gives me a different output

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Jul 2, 2016
Hello people,

Here is the issue.
I have a laptop and all the keys are not working properly.
For example:
When pressing the key "1" i get " - "
when pressing number 2 on the right side, I get the windows button
when pressing "b" i get "x"
The laptop keyboard never worked and I made a complaint to replace the keyboard.

The laptop keyboard didn't work at all in the first place, because the keyboard cable was not correctly plugged onto the motherboard.
This is now done and I maybe the ribbon cable got damaged?
I didn't see any damage, but the keyboard is responding now.
It also has back light (blue) and I can't change it (it should be possible with the software).

At the moment I am using a wireless keyboard.
I was wondering if I have a problem with the motherboard or maybe the keyboard needs to be programmed?
Or is the ribbon cable defect?

Laptop: CLevo P177SM-A

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