New laptop does not allow me to enter password (the typing does not show up) so I can no longer access it.

Annie B

Jul 21, 2017
My laptop developed a fault and now does not allow me to enter the password or PIN (the typing does not show up in the dialog box). The fingerprint recognition doesn't work either, so I can no longer access it at all. I have tried lots of different methods to fix the problem, including rebooting from a Windows 10 boot disc on a USB drive, while pressing F7. I managed to get into an option to troubleshoot and use windows repair. Have used the windows repair option several times but it hasn't repaired the fault.

The on screen keyboard doesn't work, an external USB keyboard doesn't work, an external wireless keyboard doesn't work i.e. the typing still doesn't show up in the dialog box with any of these.

Tried tapping F8 on reboot many times to get into safe mode, but it doesn't enter safe mode, it just goes to the password screen every time. Have exhausted every option to crack this nut that I can think of. I need to get my data off that hard drive.

Last option is to take the hard drive out, put it in a caddy and use a converter cable to connect it to my old laptop so as to access the data. I'll need a 2TB external HD to get the data off though, as my old laptop only has a 500GB HHD and it's full.

Before doing that, is there any other way anyone can think of to get into this locked out laptop? And is there any light anyone can shed on what has happened and where the fault would lie?

Thanks in advance :)


Could be a virus preventing the login. From a different computer, download a LINUX operating system and install it on a USB flash drive or CD/DVD and change the boot options in the BIOS to boot from that. That should allow you to retrieve your data and then format the laptop's drive and do a clean install of Windows.