Replacement Keys for Gigabyte P55-BW1


Mar 31, 2014
Hey guys,
So recently my left control key (the small one) on my laptop came off. So I put the chiclet pieces back together and popped the key back on, but something isn't right. When I hit the bottom portion of the key, everything is fine, however when I hit the top portion of the key the bottom detaches from the chiclet pieces (the scissor structure) and the keycap comes off. I'm thinking a little super glue might work, but I'd rather not do that. Does anyone know of a place I could buy replacement chiclet pieces as I think a piece of the plastic broke off. I have checked a few websites, but none carry Gigabyte parts. Thanks in advance.

I'ved checked everywhere from the internet for a replacement individual chiclet key for your laptop but it seems like it's still fairly new and there's nothing available yet. I would suggest contacting Gigabyte themselves and get a replacement keyboard itself since they should have it.