Solved! A Strange Escape Button Problem

Jan 21, 2019
Hello, this just happened today when I was forced to postpone my work because of this. When I turn on my laptop, I get things that have never happened for 5 years using the same laptop. I got a notification "please select boot device". So I chose to go to bios settings to reset the default settings to see if it would fix it and not change anything. I also found that the escape button didn't work at all in the bios, so I left the bios and started entering the window system. Oddness also happened here when I tried clicking the right mouse to refresh and didn't work because the notification didn't appear, but it appeared after I pressed any key. Not only that annoying weirdness also occurs when I try to drag and drop files that don't work. The question is, what happened? Is it due to a keyboard error with its own driver or undetectable malware that has been lodged in the system?