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  1. E

    Republic of Gamers laptop shutting and restarting

    My brand new Republic of Gamers, 8th generation, with 16 gigs of memory is going into the "blue screen"-your PC ran into problems and had to shut down mode - then the LAPTOP restarts. This happens once of twice every hour or so. It's so quick you have to stare at it to try and capture it on...
  2. G

    The 15 Best Books for Gamers

    From stories about beloved game worlds, to analyses of in-game mechanics, these are the books that gamers shouldn't go without. The 15 Best Books for Gamers : Read more
  3. J

    Please help me choose between these gaming laptops! (Budget: $1500 USD, Country: Chile)

    $1500 USD budget. Country: Chile. I'm going to answer some questions to myself to clear out some things and to be precise: -Do you prefer a 2 in 1 form factor, good battery life or best specifications for the money? Pick or include any that apply.- In this particular order, I prefer: FPS in...
  4. B

    Solved! Laptop slowed out of no where

    I bought my laptop at the start of 2016, it was fine at the beginning. But i moved to Australia on June, 2017. Around September, i noticed when i played dota 2 that my fps was very low. Before i could play on 100 fps on max no problem. now the game could barely get 30 fps. at first it was fps...
  5. D

    Solved! Certain keys on my Asus laptop will only work when pressed with other keys

    I have an Asus Republic of gamers laptop and today certain keys stopped working but will work as normal when another key is pressed simultaneously. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the keyboard but the problem persists. The keys work perfectly as long as I'm pressing another key.
  6. Graybush

    Vote Now! Best Tech Value Awards - Gaming

    Hey there, everyone! Is it just us, or is 2017 a particularly good year for tech? With the gift-giving season soon upon us, the Tom's Guide team has reviewed hundreds of products this year to help members like you find the best tech for your needs. And now…it's your turn to tell us what you...
  7. B

    Any idea on how well my laptop will perform on PUBG?

    I have recently bought a laptop and was just wondering if someone has anything similar and is able to play Player Unknowns Battlegrounds? I'm not fussed what the settings are, just want to know what fps i would be getting. Here is my laptop...
  8. R

    ASUS i7 windows 10 Republic of Gamers Touch Pad not working. Any one could help this Laptop is2 month's old

    ASUS i7 windows 10 Republic of Gamers touch pad stopped working on my Laptop. this laptop is 2 month's old. Any one could help sincerely. Rick
  9. G

    Nintendo Switch 5 Months Later: What We Love and Hate

    After spending a lot of quality time with the Nintendo Switch, four Tom's Guide staffers share the console's pros and cons. Nintendo Switch 5 Months Later: What We Love and Hate : Read more
  10. S

    Acer Predator 15 or Alienware R2 15 ?

    Hi guys :) I have a question here, which should i buy ? ACER PREDATOR 15 or ALIENWARE R2 15 ? Please help me out !!! Money shouldn't be issue !! And don't ask me to build PC cuz if ihad a choice I wouldn't ask here :)
  11. B

    Asus rog laptop review

    I love thief republic of gamers laptop line up. It's extremely fast and efficient and lets me game on the go with ease.
  12. nooneisback

    Decent looking laptop for gaming and school under 2000 €

    Currently I'm trying to get myself a good laptop with a price tag of less than 2000 € which I wouldn't be scared of showing in class (basically I don't want a portable circus). I was looking at the MSI Dominator until I saw the lights on its back which look kind of "cringy". I'll use it for...
  13. W


    I'm trying to do it... but it just wont work! VVV I'm on a HP mini so i cant download games or paint or stuff... but what if there was a way? If your reading this... i want you to know...i tried... videos... youtube... even CrossOver! (An app thaat installs other windows apps EVEN IF YOU...
  14. T

    Republic of Gamers Laptop stuck in loop after trying factory reset

    I tried a factory reset after being unable to get my video card working. Updating video card drivers wouldn't work. Stuck in loop and won't complete clean install.
  15. C

    Laptop similar to Asus ROG GL502VT? There's the link to the one I'm considering. I love the specs, screen size, and the for factor. The only thing throwing me off is the orange which I am really not a fan of. Does anyone...