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    Laptop Asus Problem

    My laptop asus had 8gb after 2 days it randomly changed to 4gb can u pls help me?
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    Dell i7347 vs i7348 ram

    When looking for new RAM, I can only find RAM for 7347, not 7348. I need the latter. Is there a difference? Also, I've heard that the i7348 can only have up to 8gb RAM, is that true?
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    1620p(15.6) or 1080p(17.3)

    I can get either a 870m 12gb 1866mhz 1080p 4710(2.8) 1tb(5400rpm), 128 ssd samsung 830 w/o an operating system(not that big of a deal) 9lbs and blu-ray $1600 w/ shipping 2880x1620(16:9) 3k display, 870, 128gb ssd(idk brand), 1tb(7200rpm), 16gb(1633mhz), w/ win 8.1, w/ steel series anti ghost...