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    How to make MSI GE60 cool better?

    Hello, today, we have here somewhat about 30°C, and when I am playing games like Far Cry 4, although I have extra cooling and cooling pad, temperatures of both CPU and GPU raise up to 90°C. How to make cooling better, what do you think is maximum RPM that this laptops fans can handle (on max...
  2. KR2

    MSI GE60 2PC Apache RAM Upgrade?

    Hello, I have the MSI GE60 2PC Apache, and it has 8GB RAM, Intel Core i-7, NVIDIA GTX 850M 2GB, can I upgrade the RAM to 16GB? Becuase I am downloading a lot of applications, and I need the extra RAM, could someone tell me if this is possible or if the motherboard can only support 8GB, if it can...
  3. I

    Asus Lenovo or MSI for good gaming laptop? Emergency!

    Can anyone of you tell me about the pros and cons? I need a good gaming laptop for my course which need a very high graphic card Below is the laptop I'm looking for -Lenovo Y50 (59418017) -MSI Ge60 Apache Pro -Asus G551JM-053H Please give me some comment if you're using or your friend around...