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    MSI GE702PC doesn't boot into BIOS nor Windows

    I tried to reinstall windows via a USB drive but it didn't work so I tried to change the boot priority to USB. Now the laptop doesn't boot at all. The cooler starts running and it shows the msi logo for 3 seconds and then I get that non blinking white underscore and it seems to boot. I can't see...
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    MSI GE70 Dead and Alive! (Not taking power, but works on battery)

    Hi guys, My 2012 bought MSI Ge70 laptop is working and powers on normally on a replacement backup battery. But it is not taking direct power from the wall. So first I thought the charger is dead, so bought a replacement charger, still the same. So works on battery, doesnt charge battery or...
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    MSI GE70 Froze Up.

    About a month or two ago I bought an MSI GE70 from Amazon to use my mobile gaming machine, which so far it has done exactly what I have wanted of it. Although I have been having an odd issue with it recently. So I'll be surfing the web or whatever, watching YouTube and all of a sudden the GE70...
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    Which Laptop is best??

    Hello all! So I am getting a new laptop soon and I'm having quite a lot of trouble choosing which one to get. I'm looking along the lines of a gaming laptop, preferably no more than $1100. I've been eyeing the MSI Ge70 found at: and also the Gt70 at...
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    MsiGe70 Webcam problems

    Hey there. I got a MSI GE70 2pc which the camera does not work on. it's about 2 months old. it's says that i need to connect the camera, but it's not an external camera? yes i have tryed fn+f6 several times but to no help. i can't seem to find it in Device maneger eather :I pleace help me...