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    Adapting a vintage Seikanon 28mm 2.8 to my GH4?

    Hello! Ive been shopping around at goodwill and other thrift stores picking up camera lenses. I found a 28mm 2.8 MC auto lens by Seikanon. I was wondering if anyone knows what mount it has and what adapter(s) i can use to put it on my gh4?
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    Metabones adapter question

    I believe I've been given the wrong info (twice now) re: a Metabones adapter. I just purchased a GH4 and a Sigma 18-35mm 1:1.8 lens. I was told the Speed Booster to be used is the N/F - MFT XL 0.64 x mount but it doesn't fit this lens. Which one fits both? Thanks.
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    does a canon 70d worth my money?

    hello guys, sold my p2 broadcast cameras time to buy another set of camera as a replacement. I have a lot of canon camera including camcorder. some one was selling his used 70d for $700 another one was selling 2 nikon d5100 for $800 I didn't personally use a 70d but people were saying that it...
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    should I buy a 760?

    hello I am deciding between gh4, nx500 and 760d. I already used 760, 5d, eos m3, 500d, 700d, hdr fx7, fx1000e, arri amira, black magic ursa and sony a77 I only have 5D, M3, 700d and 500d. I think 760 is sharp enough and a little bit good in low light. gh4 records 4k but I will downscale it...
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    Looking for the best professional video capabale digital camera for under $2000...

    So I'm looking at purchasing the best digital camera for professional quality video making I can for under $2000. I've been doing a bunch of research and am leaning towards the new GH4. Obviously it has the 4K capability which allows it to be very useful for the coming years which is a big plus...
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    Which Camera to choose? Need advice

    Hello guys, I'm actively looking for a new DSLR. Previously I used for the past 3 years a Panasonic Lumix GH-1. Really liked his video quality as well as the stills, even tho I felt that the shutter speed was too slow and got a lot of blurry images on low light. What I'm looking for is a DSLR...