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    Question Best Android Phones for...

    ... aggressive, decisive, and prompt data/wifi switching and also GPS. My Pixel 3XL SUCKS at both of these, perhaps my personally most important features. My Pixel will, much too often, get stuck doing NOTHING when either or both good 4G and/or good WIFI are available. I want a phone that...
  2. B

    How to find lost device ans its dead but the GPS is open

    My phone is VSUN NOTE and it is big
  3. I

    What if the data or GPS on phone is not on?

    What if the data or GPS on phone is not on?
  4. J

    Solved! How do i get the activation code for my garmin smartdrive GPS 7 without the receipt

    Activation code for my GARMIN SMARTDRIVE GPS 7
  5. M

    Solved! How can I tracking my child?

    I'm sorry if I got into the wrong thread, I'm just new here. My son is 8 years old and now he leaves far from home when he walks with friends. My wife is often worried and I decided to track his path. However, I found several ways to do this. One of them is smart watches, but I'm afraid that...
  6. R

    Solved! GPS Trackering devices

    Need advice about how to track sim card in my bicycle tracking device. Which android apps are compatible?
  7. C

    Activation code garmin

    Need to activate my gps
  8. C

    Tried of 3

    Need unlock code for Garmin GPS
  9. G

    Galaxy Note 9 GPS Chipset

    Does anyone know if the Galaxy Note 9 has the new BCM47755 GPS chipset? I am starting to think that it does not as there would have been something said. This chipset improves the GPS accuracy to less than 30cm and uses less battery.
  10. S

    Check for the best smartwatch

    which one should i prefer, reasonable, bluetooth and best fitness tracking and gps
  11. M

    I need activation code for gaming drivesmart 7 lmt-s

    I need activation code for gamin drivesmart 7 lmt-s I didn't know there was a code receipt I threw it at the car wash
  12. C

    Veteran looking 4 lost phone

    I left my phone in a buggy at Price Cutter in Mannington, WV... I called the store no1 turned it in... My VA Appointments are on my phone... I need a way 2 locate it... GPS is turned off...
  13. C

    need magellan activation code

    i bought a magellan gps on ebay and need an activation code
  14. R

    Activate GPS code

    I bought a Garmin 5" lmt ex brand new at a pawn shop but I can not activate it now because no code was given to me.. Any suggestions please?
  15. S

    Question about Mobilepro 900?

    Blog Giới Thiệu Collagen làm cho Đẹp ngày nay, buôn bán cà phê đang là ngành nghề rất phát triển với mô hình nhiều, độc đáo và sản phẩm ngày một đáp ứng quý khách. tuy nhiên, sử dụng nước vo gạo rửa mặt như thế nào cho đúng cách thức để phát huy được hết tác dụng khiến đẹp của nó thì không hề ai...
  16. R

    I bought a Garmin GPS at a flea market new in the box when I called to activate it they said it was stolen and to call another

    I bought a Garmin GPS at a flea market and when I called to activate it they said it was stolen and to call another number it's new In the box I didn't steal it and don't know what to do
  17. M

    Got gps in yard sale need code

    Need unlock code forgarmin drivesmart 5"
  18. L

    I need my code for my new Garmin GPS

    I recently purchased a Garmin GPS, but need my code. Lost receipt
  19. M

    Fake GPS software free?

    I want to change my embedded GPS location. Even though I turned off all location in settings, Google map zooms right in on my hometown.
  20. J

    Need activation code garmin gps

    Desperate please???? help
  21. M

    Location for number

    If your phone is being tracked can u switch the numbers55 the GPS and location of the original number
  22. B

    Solved! Android GPS software

    About a year ago I tried a few GPS programs and even the best one, was way off. I walked approx. 500 yards from my home and it still showed me at home. My wife and I experimented a few times, but every single time this program failed. Just wondering if there is a GPS location program, one you...
  23. D

    Solved! Finders using GPS rather than wireless

    Have you tested any finders that use GPS rather than Bluetooth? I'm interested in using something like this to attach to my construction machinery attachments at multi-state job sites so they don't get lost or stolen.
  24. G

    How to Change chat default location for android apps

    how to change any app GPS location to a different location for social networking purposes ? ..Most chat apps help u to connect NEARBY, but practically business gets generated when two different cities start exchanging messages based on their interests ..Further most apps don't give option to...
  25. K

    Unable to access Galxy S tab. Ketboard is on a Differeny style, wont accept passwprd. Alsp top L corner said no GPS, Now says

    I am of the latter generation. still self teaching. what is a thread. Q in box above thank you
  26. H

    I recently purchased two of the same phones from Metro PCS I have one I would like to GPS how do I find it track it when it's

    How do I locate the exact same cell phone I have that I purchased at Metro 2 days ago did not put in GPS app on it how can I track and locate it now
  27. R

    GPS Based Augmented Reality

    Hi, I am developing an AR application and would like to start off by asking a question here. Is it possible for (X) AR device to pull a GPS location from another mobile phone (Y) and present a 3D model based on what (Y) have chosen to show? Simply, a code that allows my (X) smartphone to...
  28. Mastermmm

    Google Account Contacts Mysteriously Disappearing

    On several occasions, for no reason at all, random contacts are deleted on my Google Account. The first time I remember this happening, I went into my Google Account and reverted to the past week's contacts in hopes to get the old ones back, and it did. Unfortunately, I was never able to figure...
  29. G

    Best GPS Trackers for Kids

    Here are the best GPS devices for pinpointing a lost child’s location. Find your fit for the right mix of data and features. Best GPS Trackers for Kids : Read more
  30. K

    Solved! Can you change upgrade lenova yoga 2 13 motherboard to yoga 3 13 or any other higher ?

    Guys I bought good used yoga 2 13 from e bay for 240 last year. Laptop is good but I need stronger cpu and gpu I was wondering is there any change I can upgrade motherboard if other versions fit ?
  31. M

    Itinerary offline GPS app

    Every time I go on a trip i've the same problem: I am making by myself an itinerary but I want to put the destinations on a map and use offline GPS to know where am going. Every app I've used, doesn't work offline. Or when it's offline, I can see myself, by not the itinerary I created, So i'm...
  32. X

    Alerte G200 V1 GPS

    My OS is Win 10. I have the above device which used to work. I have dried installing and reinstalling the software download with driver but I open software I click on both auto and manual connected and I get a message saying device not connected. There is no UK customer support although I did...
  33. J

    warn about trick pokemon go

    Recently, I have read an article show me tips to play pokemon go. The author suggested using Fake gps to catch more pokemon. For more detail, he also showed me how to install fake gps app and how to use it. As i know, in the rule of this game, the developer ban player using fake address. In...
  34. D

    Band 2 or Fitbit Surge

    im confused what fitness tracker to get - I want one that has - GPS is comfortable to wear (even at the office) monitors sleep monitors heart rate monitors blood pressure I'll be wearing it mainly to track how I do when I play Soccer. On this basis what should I go for?
  35. B

    conceptual questions about locations

    I don't even have the concept. Please help build up some of my general concept. I am not into too technical details. 1. Is GPS the only technology that could find out the exact location of a mobile device (e.g. mobile phones, iPad ..). Any other possible technology inside a mobile device that...
  36. B

    How accurate is GPS???

    I am really shocked to first learn that a picture taken with a mobile device could implicitly record the GPS location in the file properties , if I do not intentionally remove it. I am really shocked because I 've taken many photos and I never knew about scrubbing the data in the properties...
  37. D

    GPS google maps

    GPS or google maps?
  38. B

    No clue how

    The other day I was using my phoneson gps I have Verizon service, some how it ask me to send my wife a mess. Saying turn on her what ever it was as I could mine too allowing her to follow my go's driving location. What and how do I do this again as I drive a lot and she dispatches me all though...
  39. A

    How can I locate a phone through GPS using a laptop ?

    Does anyone know how can I locate a phone using the GPS it has inside?
  40. O

    Best Solution of GPS Receiver in laptop. mini PCIe or USB?

    Hello. need advice. I have available mini PCIe slot in my laptop. I need GPS receiver to use it with digital nautical chart software in my ship. My question: What's the best solution, accuracy and antenna for mini PCIe as a GPS card? What's the difference between Mini PCI-express Wireless 3G...
  41. M

    Best consumer activity tracker for competitive soccer

    What would you guys say is the best option for an activity tracker for use when playing soccer? Something that measures distance, pace acceleration, reaction speed to brake and shift left or right, heart rate, etc. I never workout at the gym, but I play competitive soccer roughly 3-times/week...
  42. theguyisback23

    Free Gps Tractor Spray Tracking APP For Ipad?

    Hello guys? is there any possibility in an application like AgDNA but instead being a Free GPS Tractor Spray Tracking APP For Ipad? i mean i downloaded the AgDna it was free, but in order to see my progress and the tracks i left after spraying the field with my tractor it required to upload my...
  43. X

    Cheap Gaming Laptop !

    Hello everyone, I am looking for the cheapest GAMING laptop possible NOW .... - Budget ( 1000$ or less ) 1- i7 2-8GB RAM + 3- GPU 850m or higher or amd GPU that is similar 4- 1080p screen 5- 500GB +
  44. G

    Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker Review

    With stellar emergency features and highly accurate location data, this is the GPS tracker you want with you for any serious outdoor adventure. Spot Gen3 GPS Tracker Review : Read more
  45. G

    Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker Review

    Despite accurate location logging, this GPS tracker can't compete with rival devices on price or features. Spytec GL300 GPS Tracker Review : Read more
  46. G

    Trackimo GPS Tracker Review

    This all-around, reasonably priced tracker is well suited for urban life, with a powerful set of features for keeping tabs on someone's location. Trackimo GPS Tracker Review : Read more
  47. G

    Best GPS Trackers for Kids 2015 (Archive)

    Here are the best GPS devices for pinpointing a lost child’s location. PocketFinder leads the pack with the right mix of data and features. Best GPS Trackers for Kids 2015 : Read more
  48. J

    help please help

    i cant find my phone and its dead i cant call it and its turn not on so i need help gps it
  49. M

    lost galaxy s5 and GPS is disabled??????

    LOST s5 when GPS is disabled can i find it with I.M.E.I ???when GPS is disabled.....
  50. G

    How to Delete a City from the History Listing in Dark Sky

    The Dark Sky app gives you weather notifications in real time. It also notifies you of an oncoming rainfall or snowfall hours before it occurs. Using GPS and cellular triangulation, it automatically detects your location and saves them on your history list so you can access it later. If you want...
  51. G

    How to Request a Geofence on Yik Yak

    Geo-fencing can restrict data or communication to a certain area. Yik Yak uses this service to restrict communications to certain colleges and areas. 1. The geofencing feature in Yik Yak is available to elementary to high schools only. To request for a geofence, go to the Yik Yak website and...
  52. T

    Looking for a smartwatch

    I'm looking for a smartwatch that has limited or no GUI with: 1. Heart rate monitor 2. GPS 3. Call notifications (even if I can't see what the text says) 4. Vibration/alarms 5. Long battery (about 3-4 days) 6. Sleep tracking I've tried the FitBit Flex, but it's missing half of the features I...
  53. noobsaibot99

    annoying gps random activation

    I havea lenovo s650. Before i only had a problem of not being able to download anything from playstore now the problem is when i activate my mobile connection, the gps locator also activates it is so annoying. Can anyone help? Thanks
  54. F

    android phone is lost and dead

    how do I find it? Is there a way with GPS or some other "technological" way to find it even though it's dead? I really need a real answer please, not just "look for it." Thanks.
  55. D

    GPS receiver for Goclever Terra 72

    Hello. Yesterday, I got a Goclever Terra 72 as a gift from my friend. Tablet is running android 4.2.2, and it hasn't integrated bluetooth, GPS, or sim card slot. I'm going on a business trip in a 10 days, so I'll need a navigation. Although I have a smartphone with 3.8" screen (with A-GPS...
  56. W

    How to find your phone when its dead and lost at home

    I left my phone on my table one morning a week ago I couldnt find it but the gps finder app shows that its at home for sure and till now the battery must be dead. Pls help me find my phone. Thanks
  57. K

    Is that possible to track where is my phone via GPS?

    Hi. I like to go hiking by myself. And recently, my girlfriend said it was too danger to go hiking by myself and she would like to know at least m location. I know that I can track my android phone through my Google account, but I am not sure if that could track my phone via GPS or not. Just...
  58. J

    Note 3 GPS not easy to connect on trains

    I have a Note 3 and use GPS and mapping app a lot while traveling, and it will be installed the huge mpj extended battery so that not be having to worry about making it through the day with my heavy GPS usage. It generally syncs itself just fine in most cases but I noticed it is difficult to...
  59. D

    Need help choosing GPS unit and Flash for Nikon D3100

    I am curious if you can mount both a GPS unit and flash simultaneously to a Nikon D3100. I would also like some input on what units I should buy. Currently I am looking at a Yongnuo YN 560 III flash unit and I am still not sure what GPS unit I should buy. Any input would be greatly appreciated...
  60. dave500

    HELP to choose - EBAY-Chinese Tablet-

    Hello. Please help me . I want to buy a new tablet for my son . Max £70. I already select 3 tablet ,but i dont know which one is the better and why .He's need GPS function,because some games requied GPS. My first choice - £48-A20 Cortex A7 Dual 1.2GHZ The Second - £68-Freelander - MTK8312...