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  1. J

    Question Graphic card Drivers

    I updated a new Video card but it's not working at all. I checked my system and found that there is some driver issue. I can see a yellow error sign in the device manager on my video card. I also updated my system but still, it didn't help. Can you please guide me on how can I upgrade my system...
  2. V

    Solved! URGENT! Legion laptop only the game lags

    Hello there. I have a legion Y520. My laptop performs awesome in the day to day tasks, but when I start the game, the game started lagging. As soon as I open any games. I could feel the frames is been dropped. I tried playing the games in really low graphics, it was just the same. but the games...
  3. M

    Solved! high-performance-nvidia-processor-not-working-properly

    I used to play gta 5 with very high graphics on my gt 820m. fps were good and i was enjoying. but then suddenly it started misbehaving. i run gta 5 and after a minute, the game fps goes down like hell. i think 10-15 fps not more than this. please help me
  4. Nitesh Poonia

    Solved! I reinstalled my window 10 , and graphic card doesn't run with any game .

    I reinstalled my window 10, this is usual thing for me , i do it every 2 month .....when i installed drivers and started game, the game started misbehaving , either games were not running with graphic card, or they were not running at all with some errors(i checked fix to those errors:-...
  5. Innten

    Solved! How do i fix processor running 80% usage, while GPU uses 0% usage

    Since yesterday my laptop(Asus rog strix) started to use only the processor. GPU(Geforce 1050Ti 4gb) is not showing up any usage in task manager. also in gaming center the GPU sometimes shows -1mhz and -xxxxx degreece which is strange (sometimes also showing max usage while there is none). i...