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  1. M

    Question What is this grey rectangle with 2 circles within it

    Just recently I am getting a grey rectangle with 2 concentric circles within the rectangle come up at the bottom right of any browser that I use, which is Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. The rectangle with circles randomly come up and it seems that something is recording the sites I visit...
  2. Arintas

    Grey lined flickering screen with dark colors

    For a quite long time my CUBOT x6 has a disturbing grey lined flickering, really darker colors and wtf-are-those-from barely visible apps names or details behind background.(?) These flickers are visible on dark colors. Sometimes they are very active, sometimes just visible. Colors are dark and...
  3. S

    Acer broken cable/screen

    Hello, my laptop screen after power on or moving with lid become slowly grey, with some vertical and horzontal lines, I must find "right" position for lid to get content on screen, but it's getting worse. I must press (and hold) on red rectangle to keep image(when lid is there) :( Here is photo...
  4. M

    H.264 Recording Issue (Green and Grey pixels)

    Not sure if someone posted before since i couldn't find it here. Anyway, I tried PlayClaw5 (build 3105, 3500 and infamous 3518) months ago, and NViDia ShadowPlay this month. I like both of them a lot but I decided to side with SP due to not affecting FPS as much as PC5. Here is the thing! I...