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  1. salvus

    Question I am unable to access bios setup or boot windows because of grub error 22

    I have legacy lenovo pc.I installed android x86 along with windows 10 in another partition.Along with it i also installed grub.But i accedently deleted the partition which android was installed and when i rebooted my pc,it only showed "GRUB loading error 22".I am not able to acces bios
  2. P

    HP r203tx completely dead after ACPI errors a couple of times.

    I have the HP r203tx and I have the LinuxMint OS on this machine. One fine day, when the battery was low, the laptop just powered off directly as if I had detached the battery. I immediately connected it to a power source and as soon as I selected LinuxMint on the GRUB bootloader, I got ACPI...
  3. R

    OS question: Win7, Win10 & Ubuntu 16.10

    My desktop PC set-up consists of 3 SSDs (Win7, Win10 & Ubuntu 16.10) and 1 HDD where I store data. Ubuntu's GRUB 2.02 menu controls the choices at boot up. My problem is that most every time I start Windows 7 and sometimes Win10 the computer goes to disk checking mode for consistency, scans...
  4. C

    Deleted Linux Partition, Sent to Grub Rescue

    I have Windows 10 installed on my 250 GB SSD, and HAD Kali Linux installed on my 1TB Hard Drive. I deleted my Linux partition, and now I am sent to GRUB rescue after the BIOS. It says "error: no such device, entering rescue mode". I am in no way able to access Windows. I have tried running my...
  5. C

    Colored horizontal lines when booting from GRUB boot to windows 7

    I have a toshiba satellite laptop, when I boot to windows from GRUB boot menu, I got always colored lines that disappear in 1min at max this happened when I install linux alongside windows 7. I also tried to change my linux distro 3 times but I always get the same problem.
  6. O

    Need help with dual boot - Mint and win7 - <grub rescue>

    I had set up a dual boot with Linux Mint 17 and Win 7. Normally when starting it defaults to Linux. If I want Win 7 I have to choose it from the dos startup screen. Yesterday this changed and when it boots, I get a black screen.. error: no such partition Entering rescue mode grub rescue...
  7. Theata

    Using GRUB on a Flash Drive to install Windows

    Hey guys, recently I have been thinking that it would be really cool to be able to have one large and fast flash drive that contains all versions of the MS Windows OS's. Having one Flash media that would be able to install Vista x86/64 AIO, Win 7 AIO x86/64 and Windows 8 x86/64 AIO would greatly...