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    Oculus Rift or Computer upgrade

    I can either upgrade my computer or buy vr i would upgrade my computer for vr cant do both Specs gtx 970 A10 7870k (OC x4 860k equivalent) 8gb ram my delema is i want to get into vr but i dont know with my cpu if i would get acceptable results i got a vrmark score of 4153 is it worth it to...
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    Best version/brand of GTX 970 or 980 for VR??

    Hey everyone, I have been looking to upgrade my PC for the HTC Vive and for the longest time I have been sort of set on the EVGA GTX 970 SSC ACX 2.0+ cause of the cost and performance. I know EVGA has a GTX 970 FTW that is supposed to be their fastest but then I heard Gigabyte and MSI had...
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    Ideal Audio set-up for 5.2 Surround from Computer to Receiver

    Yes I know there are tons of these, but I always see suggestions for budget systems etc. as well as I'm somewhat confused on how to do this correctly even after reading the other posts. It's going to take me some time, but I'm look to get the ideal set-up for 5.2 surround sound. My PC: Asus...
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    How do I allocate my system usage so I have maximum power for gaming? (DESKTOP, could not find DESKTOP CATEGORY)

    Hi, here is some of my system: GPU: Zotac GTX970 CPU: i5-4690k quad core, 3.5ghz CPU cooler: H60 liquid cooler RAM: 8gig 1600mhz, single stick Hyperfury x MOBO: MSI Z971 AC (mini ITX) SSD: 256gb SanDisk PSU: 750watt evga Monitor...
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    Picking an affordable laptop that will last long (5 years +)

    Hey guys, I have been researching extensively because, before a couple days ago, I did not know much about computers, especially the specs. I want to make sure I get a great, affordable laptop that will last long and most importantly avoid being gimped or scammed by the corporations. For...
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    Sony Vegas 11 / 13 not working with GTX 970

    System stats: i3570k @ 4.0 ghz with H100 cooler 16 gb 1600 mhz GTX 970 Previously I was using a GTX 560 ti (448 core) and was able to render a 30 min 1920*1080 video in about 45 minutes using GPU acceleration in Sony Vegas 11. I upgraded to a GTX 970 and the program fails when trying to...