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    Best version/brand of GTX 970 or 980 for VR??

    Hey everyone, I have been looking to upgrade my PC for the HTC Vive and for the longest time I have been sort of set on the EVGA GTX 970 SSC ACX 2.0+ cause of the cost and performance. I know EVGA has a GTX 970 FTW that is supposed to be their fastest but then I heard Gigabyte and MSI had...
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    I have MSI GT-70 0ND

    So lately I've been trying to play new games like Witcher 3 and AC Unity and got absolutely unplayable FPS - my GPU isn't any good ( This laptop has GTX 675 MX, whatever that means). Most of the other components of my computer are pretty good and they don't need to be upgraded, however i need a...
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    Frequent YouTube stuttering/fps drops when playing 1080p 60fps video in chrome (gtx 980, i7-4790k, 16GB ram...)

    So I have a frequent Youtube stuttering/fps drops problem in chrome. Sometimes when I try to watch a video in 1080p 60fps it starts stuttering and fps are dropping, but watching the video in 720p 60fps is butter smooth. I have all the newest GPU, sound board drivers, and Adobe flash installed...
  4. MetalSparks about that Sager NP9772?

    At only $2k at release with a GTX 980 GPU, extra copper cooling, 2 mSATA ports and 2 2.5" ports, and an i7-4790k, it's just so tempting. Does anyone have any leaked pics of its special parts? ...more specifically its pipes? I'm worried that it'll be too hot for me to handle. I...
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    Should i keep my 4gig gtx 980?

    I am only playing on 1080p but i want to keep games maxed out for the next year or 2. Should i upgrade to the 8gig 980 or just stay 4gig?