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    Quadro vs gtx ( Solidworks )

    Greetings Well, I have come to this forum to find solutions to my quite tricky problem. I do want to buy a laptop for doing CAD, video editing and gaming but mainly Cad. I have previously worked on 3ds max and now would like to try solidworks but I don't know how much intensive application its...
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    Looking to buy a new gaming laptop

    So basically as the title says.... I currently live in UK and have thoughts of buying a new gaming laptop. Been looking on MSI for a while now but need a professional/experienced people suggestions and answers Maximum i would want to spend is 1200£ Laptop will be used for a gaming, mostly for...
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    Laptop brand Sager

    I'm looking to buy the SAGER NP8677-S (CLEVO P670RE3). Is that good? I like the i7-hq chip, with gtx970m, and 17inch screen. Any other brand, cheaper something that is better then this? Any issues with sager brand?
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    Buying a gaming laptop for this blk friday sale or wait til next April

    Hi, I'm trying to buy a new gaming laptop since mine is already like 3 years old and running gtx460m which can only run fallout4 at lowest setting at about 25fps So, I was looking on newegg and I found thjs open boxed one thats rocking a gtx 980m...
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    Will the CPU on a laptop affect gaming too much??

    I'm looking to buy a new laptop my two choices are currently MSI GS70 - Specs are: i7 4710hq GTX 970M 3GB 16GB RAM 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD MSI GE72 Apache - Specs are: i7 5700hq GTX 970M 3GB 16GB RAM 128 SSD + 1TB HDD As you can see the only main difference is the processors. I'm leaning...