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    Samsung Smart TV ARC and receiver display not working

    Hi Team, I'm trying to connect my Yamaha RX-V479 receiver to SAMSUNG Smart led tv(MU6100). The HDMI cable is plugged from TV's HDMI3 ARC port to Yamaha's HDMI OUT ARC(HDCP 2.2) port. The following HDMI settings configuration have been been done on the Yamaha receiver: 1. HDMI Control - Set to...
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    audio setup in yamaha rx-v381 receiver (hdmi arc)

    Hello, Im asking for help the users of Yamaha AV Receivers. I have connect the Yamaha RX-V381 to my TV via HDMI Arc setup my tv Then I don't understand the HDMI Control settings in Yamaha receiver if I set it to On there is avaible settings like ARC with I obvisly set to ON and TV Audio Input...
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    How to get Dolby 5.1 with Samsung (TV+Home Theater)+ DirecTV?

    I have my Samsung UN55UH6830 TV connected to the DirecTV box with an HDMI cable but the TV does not output Dolby Digital 5.1 but DTS Neo 2:5 because it is an "external source" and only "internal sources" like TV Tuner or Streaming output DD 5.1. The only way I can get DD 5.1 is connecting the...
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    Digital optical out to HDMI ARC input conversion

    H i bought a new panasonic home theater which doesnt have optical input or HDMI In. Instead it has only HDMI ARC (1 port) and AUX port. I need to get my audio out from TV and play in Home theater, but my TV has only digital optical out port and normal 3.5mm output port. I can take my TV sound...