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    Solved! why can't uninstall program

    why when Im trying to uninstall "cok free auto clicker" it says that it's running another program so I can't uninstall it? it's running "LianDianQi" but I can't find the "LianDianQi" in my computer (Windows 8.1) please help :( and tell me please how do I uninstall it... BUT PLEASE I NEED TO KNOW...
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    Solved! Damaged Phone Storage

    Hello Sir, I have a old phone, android v4.4.2 kit kat. I was rooted my phone with king root. Every thing was fine working! But when I was tried to store some movies in phone memory it unable. Phone was hang. Then I turned off and re-ON again. Than shows Damage Phone storage. Try reformating. I...
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    Should I get these speakers and repair them?

    These speakers need new foam surrounds for the woofers, but I have no idea how these sound like since they have a very little online presence. I'm not a crazy audio person but I do have some good headphones and I can't keep borrowing my Dad's speakers. I have all the tools to repair speakers and...
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    i've a problem with my blog HTML

    i have a blog [link removed] i want to change the black menu bar (under my logo) but in the HTML i founded </ul> <ul> and <li> </li>. im trying to change it, after i changed it my blog messed up. i don't know what is that. Please help me
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    Model inside of Sketchup 8 project gone

    Hello. I have built a model house in Sketchup 8 and suddenly the model disappeared. The transparent guidelines have also disappeared and no matter how much times i zoom out or zoom in, i can't find the guidelines or any sign of a model. I tried measuring the distance across my screen with the...
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    Command Prompt (CMD) Show Off's

    Anyways, I have No Idea where I should Ask This Question, So I looked to my Fellow Comrades in Toms Hardware. I use to think that cmd was like Ultimate hackers tool and shit back then, Now I just look at it as a helpful tool to edit files and change passwords if Im stuck, that sort of thing etc...
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    Stutter Issue on my PC

    I've been having a stutter on my PC within the past 2 months, and it's been getting worse. The video and audio stutter to the point to where it's interrupted my gaming and conversations, and is becoming a real annoyance. The primary game I play is Garry's Mod, and the audio issues come from all...
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    Laptop dedicated GPU not working?

    Hi there, I have a dell inspiron 15 5547 laptop with an AMD r7 m265 card in it. It has recently come to my attention that the card isn't working at all. I have downloaded GPU-Z and it says my card is running at 511 degrees Celsius which isn't possible. All the latest drivers have been installed...
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    IPhone Phone ISsue PLease Help

    I was so excited to see that the price for the Straight Talk Iphone 5c dropped, so I ordered one online. My delma: Some people say that this phone will work in my area, but others say no. I need to have either Verizon or AT&T. PLEASE HELP>
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    Asus G75vx Microphone not working! Help!

    Hello, I recently tried to Skype, but the microphone doesnt seem to be working. On further inspection, the microphone is recognized by the device manager and does pick up sound (in multiple programs), but it is only a constant white noise, even if screaming or tapping the mic. What could be...