Command Prompt (CMD) Show Off's


Jul 25, 2015
Anyways, I have No Idea where I should Ask This Question, So I looked to my Fellow Comrades in Toms Hardware. I use to think that cmd was like Ultimate hackers tool and shit back then, Now I just look at it as a helpful tool to edit files and change passwords if Im stuck, that sort of thing etc. Of Course, Now All Of A sudden, two years later, There are a bunch of Jack asses running around in my last hours and lunch blabbing and showing off about "Wow man Im a hacker, I hack people and create cool scripts and I can Hack you and stuff." Then I start asking them Questions like, O rlly? How Then, And their reply of course is CMD. They start blabbing dumb shit like, "Oh Yeah Shutdown -I ," and "Ill find your IP and hack the living shit out of you." Obviously this is a bunch of BS. But I wanna ask two questions

Do you have to be in someone's internet/ local network in order to access/shutdown other computers.

Is it possible, (without using hamachi or any sort of Local/Lan connecting service) to access/ "hack" into other peoples Computers, that junk, using cmd. This Is Internet Wise/ Connection Im talking.

Thanks, I know its a dumb thread but Im getting really annoyed and I just wanted to pull this up.
Mar 30, 2015
In fact, physical access is a much easier way to crack a computer than over the internet. There are a lot of cool and easy (alright, usually not both) attacks. Such as the classic 'pull CMOS battery and boot up Linux", and my favorite academic one, the "cold boot attack". But command line is a functional tool. Not for most of this stuff.


Nov 29, 2015
Any hacker worth their salt won't be using Windows to hack. I would imagine serious hackers would be using something like Kali Linux or Backtrack Linux.

By the way I am not a hacker, so apologies if this is incorrect but from my understanding they would need to have network access and be able to bypass your internet security to run that on your machine, the last bit may not be necessary if you have you have "home network" set.