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    Asus G751JY laptop doesn't turn on anymore, makes high-pitched sound when charger is plugged in.

    Hello. I have an Asus ROG G751JY, Windows 8.1, with the battery removed . As I hadn't ever cleaned it, I decided to do it. While at it, I went all the way and also replaced the fans with new ones and also repasted with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut (liquid metal). I followed the procedure very...
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    I want to fix Coil Whine Issue with my laptop.

    Recently I bought a MSI gaming laptop(GL62M 7RC), and I've been struggling with annoying coil whine. I googled so much on this issue, but couldn't find any solution to fix it. This sound comes from somewhere inside the laptop, but it does only when it's charging. It stops if I unplug the power...
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    not typical whining high pitched sound tracking cookies virus ?

    Hello, Pc is whining, emitting high pitched sound (fans are good), after i scan it with hitman pro for viruses - no more whining, how its posible?? cant find answer on internet. My guess is that virus or tracking cookies makes procesor to work on certain frequancy that i can hear. This is not...