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  1. A

    sager hotkey control sager problems

    it keeps locking up on power saving mode and then crashing, and it kills my gaming performance. i can't fucking control that thing because if it closes down and there's no way of launching it back without restarting the whole damn computer and i'm fucking sick of it. anyway to solve it? like...
  2. I

    Sony Vaio SVE1511 no Fn function after new HD and Windows 7 install.

    After a HDD fail, I have put a new HDD into the machine and loaded Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Everything is working except the Fn modifier to the function keys. I have downloaded the drivers etc from the Sony website, but still no Fn key. I do have a process called HKcmd.exe but that is the...
  3. huilun02

    Need help with AutoHotkey

    I'm new to AutoHotkey... Need to script CCleaner to sweep privacy and history every time Chrome is closed. Incognito mode and extensions not good enough... I've been using this so far: ^g:: RunWait, C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe Run, C:\Program...