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  1. Graybush

    How to Mount Your TV To A Monitor Arm

    Ah, television. The great visual media provider. Capable of entertaining individuals and families alike for hours on end. Over the years, they’ve gotten lighter and slimmer and smarter. So much so, that you can even mount them on to monitor arms! But why would you want to? If you’ve got the TV...
  2. A

    a new username ok?

    i am "askingstuff712". i dont want this username anymore. how do i change it? what are the steps please?
  3. G

    How to Take a Great Selfie

    From a better profile photo to your next hot Tinder pic, a great selfie makes an important first impression. Here's how to put your best face forward. How to Take a Great Selfie : Read more
  4. G

    How to Use Facebook Save

    Save links, places, events and more from your Facebook feed and find them later in just a few simple steps. How to Use Facebook Save : Read more
  5. rutherfordsc

    How To Make Yourself Anonymous on Facebook

    By tweaking a few Facebook settings, you can keep your identity, posts and photos private so strangers can't find out who you are. How To Make Yourself Anonymous on Facebook : Read more
  6. G

    How to Pair Your Android Wear Watch with Your Phone

    We show you how to pair your Android wear device with your smartphone in a few quick steps. How to Pair Your Android Wear Watch with Your Phone : Read more
  7. G

    How to Use Songza App on iOS and Android

    Make the most out of playlist recommendation service Songza with this handy guide. How to Use Songza App on iOS and Android : Read more
  8. CherlynnLow

    How to Disable Comcast Xfinity Public Wi-Fi

    Stop Comcast from using your router as a public hotspot by turning off the home-hotspot feature in your Xfinity modem. How to Disable Comcast Xfinity Public Wi-Fi : Read more
  9. G

    5 Essential iPhone Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe

    Despite its reputation, the iPhone's security isn't perfect. Here are five things you need to do to lock down your device. 5 Essential iPhone Security Tips to Keep Your Data Safe : Read more
  10. G

    How to Change Your Wi-Fi Network on Chromecast

    Change Wi-Fi networks for your Chromecast with this step-by-step guide. How to Change Your Wi-Fi Network on Chromecast : Read more
  11. G

    How to Use Tinder Like A Pro

    Find a date with location-based app Tinder using this comprehensive guide. How to Use Tinder Like A Pro : Read more
  12. G

    How to Use Wickr Privacy App

    Using heavy encryption, Wickr makes temporary messaging simple. Here's how to get started. How to Use Wickr Privacy App : Read more
  13. G

    How To Update the Samsung NX300 Camera's Firmware

    An update to the firmware for Samsung’'s NX300 mirrorless digital camera fixes a few annoying bugs and adds new features. Here’'s how to install the update. How To Update the Samsung NX300 Camera's Firmware : Read more
  14. James Convento

    Sprotector.dll how to delete this?

    Okay, just a moment ago, my friend has a .dll problem. but now my father's laptop has a problem that is called with sprotector. I always move it to the virus vault. but it always appear on my AVG anti virus software. what to do? Thanks in advance!
  15. B

    blackberry mobile phone

    how to retrieve photos from my phone
  16. S

    Advice needed on what components to use in a gaming laptop (budget ~£1500)

    Hi guys, I currently have a Dell XPS (L502X) laptop which was my very first foray into PC gaming. I'm now hooked and want to get something a little more serious. In essence I want as much bang for my buck as possible, and this machine will be purely for gaming. I don't want or need it to do...
  17. R

    how to delete chiniese apps

    how to delete chiniese apps from note 2 clone from china
  18. N

    Full disassembly samsung np540u3c ultrabook

    I was able to take out all the screws but i have no idea how to crack it open. Could anyone guide me to all the steps required? I'm afraid of breaking any parts of it. Thanks in advance.
  19. S

    how to connect hdmi laptop with rca tv

    how to connect hdmi laptop with rca tv
  20. S

    acer crystal eye webcam

    how to download acer crystal eye webcam?
  21. T

    How to use computer headset on phone

    My issue is I have a computer headset with two male 3.5mm jacks. One for the audio and one for the mic. What i need is a Y adapter that i can plug these 2 jacks into and convert them in to 1 2.5mm male for a phone. I've been searching online for a while now with no luck. Any help would be...
  22. N

    How to download dell latitude 820 drivers.

    I had to run the restore disk on my Dell latitude 820. I did. Now I can't get to the internet either wireless or cabled because of not having the drivers. I don't know how to do it or how to find out just which drivers I need.I would have to download to my PC and then to my laptop. I don't know...
  23. R

    hello i dont know how to fix my samsung galaxy... it attempts more pattern to block.... and can i place it again to menue?

    hello i dont know how to fix my samsung galaxy s5360 ,it attempts more pattern to block... how can i fix to menu again..?
  24. seriousgamer

    How to transfer contacts from CDMA to a GSM Phone

    Hello, How can I transfer contacts from an LG Optimus M+ (Android 2.3 Gingerbread) to a GSM phone (Unlocked or T-mobile). I have not decided on the new phone yet. Is there an easy way to do this, I need a good guide to show me how. Is it also possible to double backup the contacts somewhere...
  25. R

    How to put an equalizer onto a video using Sony Vegas/Adobe After Effects?

    My friend wanted me to put something like this in a video for him to some songs that he made. I'm pretty sure it's called an equalizer, however I can't find any tutorials that show how to put it in a video. If you know of any tutorials or ways to put an equalizer in, please paste the link or a...
  26. G

    How to connect STB to DVD Recorder

    I would like to figure out how to connect my Panasonic DVD Recorder/VHS Player combo up to record TV. I have an Amino A140 Set Top Box (DSL via my phone line) that connects to my Phillips HDTV via HDMI cable. The STB comes with an internal DVR. I would like to be able to record TV shows to my...
  27. C

    What audio cables do I need for PC?

    Hi guys/gals, I wanted to see what audio cables I need and how to make this work on my PC. He's my situation: I have a three monitor setup and right now I am currently not using the speakers on the two outside screens. The middle screen does not have speakers. So I was wondering what kind of...
  28. I

    harddisc securiy problem

    how to remove harddisc security pls help me anyone....
  29. A

    Reinstall windows-hoofdmap for an acer mini laptop

    how to reinstall windows-hoofdmap system32 ntoskrnl.exe for an acer mini laptop? In my laptop is no place for an CD. And everywhere on the internet they say that you need the CD to install windows. Who can help me?
  30. J

    How to recover corrupted data pictures from memory stick pro duo

    my memory stick pro duo saved the picture files but unable to view them and comes up as corrupted data?! HELP ME PLEEEASE :(
  31. T

    How to hook up this projector?

    Hi, We got a new house and there's a RUNCO ceiling mounted projector which has a DVI-D (DL) and Component cables running through the ceilings and walls. Between the two I believe DVI has better quality, however the cable that is coming out of the wall is a male DVI-D (DL) cable. I'm planning to...
  32. seriousgamer

    How to port MetroPCS to T-Mobile and which Galaxy S3 model to get?

    Hello, We are currently on a 4 family line plan with MetroPCs and we are thinking about switching to T-Mobile's new $100 plan for unlimited talk, text and 500mb of web for 4 lines. I have some questions to ask (I would be calling T-Mobile but it's really late now and tomorrow is Sunday) Does...
  33. M

    how to fix dell latitude d600 that freezes on startup at blue screen that says unmountable boot volume

    how to get past blue screen on dell latitude d600 that says unmountable_boot_volume
  34. P

    Jvc gr-60 question. Help please.

    I got a jvc gr-60 from a garage sale and I turned it on and I watched the "how to make a video letter". And there was no sound or color. Is it supposed to be that way or can I have it be in color and have sound? I also cannot review the video I just recorded?
  35. A

    how to hook up a dvd/vhs to a hdmi samsung tv smart tv

    used the 3 wires to hook up dvd player to hdmi tv
  36. S

    AMD core unlock

    how to unlock AMD x2 560 core with asus 78LMX motherboard MY EMAIL ID IS
  37. A

    BitLocker ask me only recovery key, not password?

    My external harddisk has bitlocker and I know the password but I don't remember whether I saved the recovery key or not. Now it is asking for recovery key. I use windows 7 and I formatted the windows yesterday and reinstalld it I don't know if is because of that! Can anyone help me please?
  38. T

    Manual zoom on Nikon SB 80 DX

    Does manual zoom of SB 80 DX work at all when off camera? How to do it?
  39. C

    How to create Skype account?

    Hi folks, can anyone help about how to create a skype account?I have the setup but requires an account.Please help me. Thanks! With regards! Ezekiel PNG
  40. J

    ledty connect to speaker

    how to connect samsung ua22es4003 to subwoofer speaker
  41. E

    connecting PC to AV receiver Onkyo TX-NR525 need only audio

    How to connect my PC to my Onkyo TX-NR525 only for audio not video? i want to connect my pc to it so i can use the 5.1 surround for gaming and music. But i have tried many combos and still nothing works, i can connect it to the receiver and i get audio and video on my Television. But i want to...
  42. M

    Voice through PC headphones.

    So I have been trying for about a month now to figure out how to get my PC headphones to receive voice only through it when gaming. I am mainly trying to get the same setup as an Xbox 360, where only people talking can be heard through the the headphones and the music and sound effects play...
  43. montosaurous

    Is this a cracked screen?

    A friend of my father has a Toshiba Satellite C655 laptop with a screwed up screen. The laptop is fine with an external monitor, and problems persist in bios eliminating any software, memory or video card issues. Upon close examination, I believe to see a crack. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks...
  44. K

    how to put my Huawei unlock code in phone

    how do you unlock a vodafone 858 with the unlock code
  45. R

    What sort of laptop should I buy my mother?

    So I've built my own PC before and am pretty confident that I more or less know how to go about putting together a gaming rig. However I know nothing whatsoever about mid-range laptops to be used for work/ emails etc. which, as the title explains, I need to find out about on behalf of my mother...
  46. B

    Wondering if these Beats are fake

    I found some Tour Beats on craiglist for $50, wondering if they're fake. It seems to be too good to be true, but don't know if this applies here. I did lookup some differences on how to spot fake ones by the box and these seem quite real, to me.
  47. R

    how to check battery is dood or not?

    hi all dear right now i want to know how check battery of tested or not. so please tell me about that.
  48. W

    How do I use a RAMDisk

    I just got AMD's RAMDisk software. And I was wondering how I use it, I saw that the loading times for games were a TON faster but I don't know how to use it. Do you have to transfer full games on to it or just the launcher? I have 8GB of RAM and I heard that was enough for games to load faster...
  49. K

    backing up your sd card

    How to backup your sd card to your phone it is a samsung galaxy y duos
  50. V

    HB 5K 1H Huawei

    I want to remove all the apps that came on the phone to free up some memory but I do not know how to do it or if its is possible.
  51. H

    I Need Instructions on how to Disassemble my Gateway NV55S

    I own a Gateway NV55S that has a AMD A6-3400M APU With Radeon HD Graphics 4CPUs 1.4GHZ. Ok this laptop belonged to my younger bro and he bought it like 4 months ago. He played Minecraft everyday for +8 hour ever since it arrived in the mail. Last week the fan went out on it. We traded computers...
  52. A

    how to open line

    how to open line nokia 2700c-2
  53. T

    How to hook up a 5.1 surround sound to a desktop computer

    Hi i have a surround sound with five speakers and one subwoofer and i only have a green jack which is normal for most computers but if you only have the green one then how would you go about hooking it up to a desktop?
  54. S

    bypass administration password

    how to bypass admin password on an asus ultra book running windows 8
  55. th3controller

    How to fix most AMD Catalyst software/driver issues

    Most people seem to have an issue with AMD's Catalyst software and/or drivers, especially when updating from an old version to the newest. The Catalyst Team has made a software specifically designed to completely uninstall any AMD Catalyst software and drivers in your computer. You do not need...
  56. S

    fix card error problem

    Hello, card error or possible worm caused the loss of a video of daughter. Not sure how to handle this.
  57. K

    acer laptop on loop

    my acer laptop is starting up fie but then a black screen comes up with a "start windows normally" and i press that and it starts again it on a continuous loop whatever i press how do i fix it. please say your answer in detail
  58. Mlim666

    HDTV, How to set up 5.1

    How would I go about setting up this system/connecting. Do I need special cords or receivers? I have a few HDMI cables lying around but do not have HDMI audio receiver. I have: TV: Speakers (that I'm considering)...
  59. P

    how to connect

    can i know plz