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  1. C

    I love my HP Touchsmart 15-ac121dx 15.6 Touch Screen Laptop, but..

    Hi:) My son dropped doing his online school and cracked the top and bottom case outside only of my HP Touchsmart 15-ac121dx 15.6 Touch Screen Laptop. What ould this fix that without my having to break my family for a new laptop? Also since what I'm thinking is bevel and handrest from pictures...
  2. S

    How to get beats audio back on HP touchsmart 520 PC

    I upgraded my HP touchsmart 520 PC to windows 10 and have lost not only my audio drivers, but also my beats audio. I have since, re downloaded the drivers for the audio, it's now up and running again. I am however having a lot of issues finding beats audio drivers for my computer. I have...
  3. L

    Wifi adapter slow in bedroom

    So, my original post received some great suggestions. I bought this wifi adapter, and it seemed to work great! However, it only works great in my living room most of the time, which is where the router is. I mostly need to use my laptop in my bedroom, so this is a big problem. I dealt with my...
  4. L

    Specific laptop has issues with Wi-Fi and Ethernet anywhere it goes, impossible to use

    Disclaimer: I don't know much about tech terms so please explain them if you use them. I apologize if I left some things out - I typed this for an hour before it deleted itself, so I'm trying to hurry and re-type. This will also be long. My computer: An HP TouchSmart, hard to find on HP site...
  5. M

    HP TouchSmart Touch nor keyboard works

    HP TouchSmart Notebook touchscreen and keyboard is not working. I can't go any further because I got a passcode. I can't type the passcode. Help!
  6. I

    please, my iphone4s dropped on my hp laptop and the lap displays 'Boot Device not Found' please install an operating system. b

    Looking for solution to my faulty laptop. My iphone4s dropped on my hp laptop and the laptop displays "Boot Device Not Found" please load an operating system. out of curiosity I tried to loose some screws and see if I could see any partial contact but couldn't get to open the covers of the...
  7. M

    Asus and HP

    I am doing a report comparing 2 different laptops the Asus rog gl551jw ds74 ti the HP touchsmart g232ds just trying to find out some information on the two, do you have any information that may help me ?
  8. A

    Stuck with black screen after startup, and wireless light is still Orange :( I'm using HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14

    Before I upgraded to windows 10, my laptop was very slow. When I came back home from Vegas a week ago, I used my laptop and it was working okay. I did all the windows 8 updates. Until later, all the wireless connections are gone. I haven't used my laptop til then. My friend tried to help me...
  9. M

    Having trouble connecting HP Touchsmart laptop to HP Office jet pro 8625 printer

    have gone on HP site and downloaded driver/software, think it's something to do with the HP laptop configuration since all other laptops and iMac desktop automatically connected to the printer wirelessly
  10. K

    hp 15-g014dx good budget laptop?

    hey guys im looking for a budget laptop to run csgo at least on low settings. im looking at HP TouchSmart 15-g014dx 15.6-inch Touchscreen Laptop. CPU: AMD Quad-Core A8-6410 Accelerated Processor 4GB DDR3L SDRAM 500GB 5400RPM Hard Drive GPU: radeon r5 m230 integrated graphics i want to know for...
  11. M

    Please Guide me Buying An Ultrabook Its a request .

    Hello all friends and senior respected members. I am purchasing a laptop. I found an ultrabook in cheap price nearly 700$ Us Dollars.The problem is i can not find reviews of this specific model on any website.Model is HP Envy Touch Smart 14 k025tx (refurbished). The link to full specs is given...
  12. W

    Laptop Buying - HP TouchSmart Sleekbook

    Im currently looking to get a pc for college. I will be coding, word processing, and other tasks that arent all too heavy. Currently looking to buy HP TouchSmart Sleekbook because of a sale along with my mother's employee discount that makes this config land a little under $500. If you can...
  13. R

    Alienware M11x vs Hp touchsmart tx2z

    hey everyone was just curious. Alienware M11x vs Hp touchsmart tx2z? which on would you choose'.? I wanna do some gaming'.
  14. D

    Solved! HP TouchSmart or ASUS EEE Slate Pad

    Anyone have any reviews or thoughts on the HP TouchSmart v/s the ASUS EEE Slate Pad? Im looking for a pad-like PC that will run Windows, my office software, and give me the ultimate in portability.
  15. mrcblake

    Solved! Instructions to replace HP TOUCHSMART TM2T-2100 monitor

    Hello, I am a computer tech but I normally work on desktop computers however I now have a job to replace a monitor on a HP TOUCHSMART TM2T-2100 NOTEBOOK. I need to know how to replace the monitor and hopefully you can send me a link on how to do this. My bigest problem is how to remove the...
  16. B

    HP TouchSmart tm2-2100 VS.ThinkPad X201 Tablet

    Hi I need help deciding witch tablet pc to buy. I'm in Canada so these are Canadian prices in Canadian dollars. tm2-210...
  17. S

    HP Touchsmart TX2 1010ea Touchscreen Notebook - any good?

    My sister is looking at this laptop for her son, and i was wondering what type of price would be reasonable for this? Also, are there any others that have detachable touch screens?
  18. N

    HP Touchsmart or Toshiba Qosmio laptop?

    Well I bought a HP TouchSmart 300 and liking it but it just seems so underpowered. It boughs down a lot. So I am looking into getting one of the TouchSmart 600XT with 6 Gigs of memory and an Intel Core 2 Duo processor T9600 [2.8GHz, 6MB L2, 1066 FSB] for about $1700.00 Then my other thought is...
  19. r_manic

    HP Touchsmart TX2

    Now I know the specs (AMD Dual-Core, 64MB GPU) aren't meant for gaming. But how does this tablet PC with multi-touch do? Anyone here actually got one?
  20. G

    Roundup: All-In-One PCs

    Can the latest budget All-In-Ones from MSI and Asus give you the best bang for your buck? Or are you better off with the latest iMac or HP TouchSmart? Roundup: All-In-One PCs : Read more