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  1. Tomoya

    Question Hp Pavillion x360 left side of the screen flickering.

    What the heck is happening with my screen? Why the heck it keeps flickering? It's so much annoying. Plz help me out. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the display driver and also updating the bios. But nothing is helping. sigh https://streamable.com/j8hbvy
  2. Laptop7273728

    Question Laptop repair cost

    Laptop problem Problem (2) click My laptop hinge has broken, how much do you think a repair will cost? I heard I will need to replace the top part of the laptop and not just the hinge.
  3. L

    Question HP laptop screen fades at angles - lcd cable already replaced

    Hi, I have a HP bs100na and accidentally dropped it a few months ago (out of warranty). The screen has started to fade black/white at different angles and so I replaced the LCD cable, however this has not solved the problem. The fading is happening more frequently now and it's difficult to...